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MacTCPWatcher-20.sit (265.05 KB)
MD5: bbecfeaec0c052b7d93ba44341ba3c53
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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MacTCPWatcher 2.0 is a great little utility for checking if a connection to the internet exists. It allows you to ping e.g. your router or an (external) host name like to see if it can be reached.

In the author's words:

Mac TCP Watcher displays the internals of MacTCP or Open Transport, including a list of all the current TCP connections and information relating to these connections. Mac TCP Watcher reports as many errors as possible so it can be used to test your TCP setup


Please add other versions than 2.0, if you've got any.


Architecture: 68k PPC

Mac TCP Watcher requires MacTCP 1.1 or later or Open Transport 1.1 or later, and System 7.0 or later.