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MacSprint II

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This control panel is necessary to configure the MacSprint II hardware upgrade for the original Mac II.

MacSprint II is the $299 cache card that fuels your Macintosh II with 32K of cache memory. With MacSprint, your Mac II will average a 22% performance increase to a maximum of 30%.

  — Manufacturer's description

The clear price/performance winner and the cheapest way to speed up a Mac II. Working purely with a hardware RAM cache, it provides performance substantially better than that of a stock Mac II and occasionally better than that of a IIx.

  — MacUser's June 1989 comparison of Mac II accelerator boards

Orchid did design a MacSprint IIx, but found out that the performance improvement was only 15%, so they cancelled the project.

  — Casey Cox, comp.sys.mac.hardware

This is version 2.1 of the MacSprint II control panel, dating to late 1989. It is the last known release. However, incompatibilities were subsequently reported with THINK C 4.0.1 (crashes when compiling or loading), the ImageWriter LQ 2.0 driver (sporadic instances of missing text), and System 7.1 (crashes shortly after booting).

Architecture: 68k


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