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MacsBug 6.6.3

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Guides on emulating older applications

When your Mac crashes, MacsBug presents you with a scary-looking screen filled with hexidecimal numbers and bad voodoo spells. Who wants that? You do. Try typing "ES" (shorthand for Exit to Shell) and pressing Enter. If you're lucky, you've returned to your Macintosh, sans whatever program it was that crashed. If your'e not lucky, you'll find yourself back in MacsBug: type "RS" and press Enter to reboot your Mac. More advanced users can try reprogramming the offender on-the-fly in memory, which can occasionally save one's hide and allow the application to continue running. All in all, it's better than the "Your Mac Has Crashed" dialog box, even for novice users.

See Also: MacsBug 6.6.0, System Error Patch, TMON, Jasik debugger (external link)

Architecture: 68k PPC


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by Jatoba - 2019, July 29 - 8:29pm

The idea of disassembling has always piked my interest. As such, that's a very interesting quote. Smile

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by nil0bject - 2019, July 29 - 9:31am

On Macintosh programming : advanced techniques I Daniel K. Allen.
ISBN 0-201-51737-X

DisAsm - C tool
This tool allows data forks and individual resources to be disassembled such that the resulting disassembly can be reassembled later. It is useful for exploring static code modules; MacsBug is the tool to use for exploring running code. In fact, to get the source code to MacsBug-with no comments-disassemble MacsBug's data fork with this tool.