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Macromedia Studio 8

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Macromedia has announced Studio 8, its bundle of web design programs. Included in the suite of graphics tools are Dreamweaver 8, Flash 8, Fireworks 8, Contribute 3 and FlashPaper 2.

More interesting than what is included is the notable absence of Macromedia's once flagship vector drawing product, Freehand. Ever since the recent announcement of the Macromedia/Adobe merger, it had been expected that Freehand would be the main casualty and it is expected that Freehand will either be axed, sold off, or merged with Adobe Illustrator.

The Studio 8 bundle covers most angles of web site design, from design and graphics using Fireworks, to web page coding with Dreamweaver, to animation and interactivity with Flash, to allowing clients to manage their own web sites with Contribute. Macromedia's document conversion tool FlashPaper 2 is also included.

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OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2020, September 3 - 4:09pm

I have to say, for people wanting to learn to animate, there is NOTHING BETTER than starting here. Even 3D uses many of the same principles.