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Macromedia FreeHand Graphics Studio 7

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fhand-gs-7.sit (43.10 MB)
MD5: 6ea4c7edbb8150107666cb596acc237a
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
xdk_fh70_installer.hqx (2.20 MB)
MD5: b77cbf4fe967abc06e87f445d2f6d4a6
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

This is the Macromedia "FreeHand Graphics Studio" suite of applications.

By choosing a "Custom install" you can select to install an individual, several, or all 4 applications.

See also: Aldus FreeHand 1.0, Aldus FreeHand 2.0, Aldus FreeHand 3.x, Aldus FreeHand 4.0, Macromedia FreeHand 5.0.2, Macromedia FreeHand 5.5, Macromedia FreeHand 7 (German), Macromedia FreeHand 8, Macromedia FreeHand 9, Macromedia FreeHand 10, Macromedia FreeHand MX (11.0.x)

Architecture: 68k PPC

Has installers for both 68k & PPC Macintosh, except Extreme 3D 2.0, which runs on PPC only.

Originally the FreeHand Graphics Studio 7 comprised of a 3 CD set. This however is the installer from CD 1, only. There is missing content such as included fonts, examples, etc.

All four main programs are otherwise installable and all are fully functional.

Some issues are noticed under SheepShaver emulation.

(i). If you install FreeHand 7.0 on SheepShaver and find that it crashes SheepShaver badly; Try removing the PPC code from FreeHand 7 using "Fat Free", forcing FreeHand to run as a 68k only app. This seems to be a workaround to have FreeHand 7 run OK on SheepShaver.


Duality's picture
by Duality - 2020, November 28 - 12:29am

I am honestly surprised it's still on sale, given that Fontographer 5 hasn't seen anything but bug fix updates for nearly a decade, and it is completely unusable beyond a vintage Mac OS X VM for anything after Mojave.

I suppose it's still a beloved product after all this time, and the Carbon-vintage codebase isn't likely to see a full replacement with anything else soon.

Glyphs is quite nice tho. Feels like the Mac OS X-savvy update that Fontographer should have had by now.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2020, August 17 - 3:12am

FontLab's Fontographer 5.0 allows for handling OpenType fonts. [...] It was a 2010 release

And still for sale by FontLab in 2020 (v5.2). So we still can't host it here, yet...

Duality's picture
by Duality - 2019, January 2 - 2:12am

FontLab's Fontographer 5.0 allows for handling OpenType fonts.

That was one of the last PowerPC Mac OS X apps, requiring 10.4 at the earliest. It was a 2010 release, not quite in the abandonware ballpark just yet.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2014, December 18 - 12:30am

  Does this version support OTF fonts?

If by "this version" you mean "Fontographer 4.1.5", then the answer is no. This version generates only True Type, Postscript Type 1, Postscript Type 3 & Multiple Master fonts, as:

Mac: TT T1 T3 MM
PC: TT T1 T3  —
NeXT:  — T1  —  —
Sun:  — T1  —  —
jrethorst's picture
by jrethorst - 2014, December 17 - 2:05am

Does this version support OTF fonts?

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2013, May 23 - 3:34am

I believe I have Studio 8, containing Freehand 8. I'll need to check my backups (it is an install CD).

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2013, May 23 - 2:14am

Thank you, meeno for this rare software. Although it is only part of the Graphics Studio, originally a 3 CD set, it does appear to have a full install of Freehand 7 and Fontographer 4.1.5 plus fully operational Extreme 3D & Xres 3 programs.

So if installing this, make sure to do a Custom install to avoid errors, especially Fontographer 4.1.5 which is incompatible with SheepShaver in its native PPC form (install the non FPU 68k version instead on SheepShaver).

Also, FreeHand 7 itself appears to be incompatible with SheepShaver, it installs OK but running it crashes SheepShaver when launching the app (Mac OS's 7.5.3 - 9.0.4). It appears to be OK on Basilisk II.