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Mac OS 9.1 (Italian)

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MD5: 98445d468e0df0913df7fd8035b550e4
For Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Mac OS 9.1 Ita original can be installed on every mac that supported it.
I have create a copy with Toast and compressed with .zip format.

Architecture: PPC


Mariomac's picture
by Mariomac - 2018, February 8 - 12:26pm

I'm glad you used it.

Rokkun's picture
by Rokkun - 2017, July 7 - 2:25pm

Oh, I didn't see that page. Well, I'll update to 9.2.1 then since I always prefer doing a clean install. Thank you

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2017, July 6 - 10:09pm

There is an update for getting 9.1 to 9.2.1 on the Mac OS Updaters – 9.x Italian page. Also one to get 9.0.4 to 9.1 but that's not necessary if you've used the 9.1 install from this page.

I don't know of the whereabouts of the updater to take 9.2.1 to 9.2.2 Italian, there is however a full 9.2.2 Italian install here (DL#6 in page). Its not bootable, but you could easily install it onto a preexisting OS's start-up disk, such as one that has the 9.1 from this page installed onto it.

Rokkun's picture
by Rokkun - 2017, July 6 - 9:53pm

Do you have the updates to get to 9.2.2?

Rokkun's picture
by Rokkun - 2017, June 9 - 10:09am

OH MY GOD, I've been looking for this forever! Thank You!