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Mac System Software D-6.0.2 (German)

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d6.0.2.sit (1.78 MB)
MD5: a86932d824bcc57a91bc9ad4c5124d04
For System 6.x
This app works with: Mini vMac

I got this set of 800k disks for my Mac II many years ago.
The floppies may be used to set up the German 6.0.2 on an AppleShare Workstation, Mac II/IIx, Mac Plus and Mac SE (minimal installation).

If you want to use the color setting, be sure to choose a Mini vMac II build with 8 MB RAM.

Architecture: 68k

For obvious reasons a compatible Mini vMac build and the Mac II ROM are needed to use this set of floppies with Mini vMac.