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Mac System 1.x

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System_1.x.sit (298.39 KB)
MD5: 5da80da1fdf15ffa3a936a1c31df4d97
For System 1 - 5
This app works with: Mini vMac

These releases could only run one application at a time, though special application shells such as Switcher (discussed under MultiFinder) could work around this to some extent. System 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 used a flat file system with only one kludged level of folders, called Macintosh File System (MFS); its support for folders (subdirectories) was incomplete. System 2.0 added support for AppleTalk and the newly introduced LaserWriter to use it. System 2.1 ( Finder 5.0 ) introduced the HFS (Hierarchical File System) which had real directories. This version was specifically to support the Hard Disk 20 and only implemented HFS in RAM, startup and most floppy disks remained MFS 400K volumes. System 3.0 was introduced with the Mac Plus, officially implementing HFS and 800K startup drives and adding support for several new technologies including SCSI and AppleShare and introducing Trash "bulging" (i.e., when the Trash contained files, it would gain a bulged appearance). System 4.0 came with the Mac SE and Macintosh II, which required additional support for the first expansion slots, the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB), internal hard drives and on the Mac II, color, larger displays and the first Motorola 68020 processor.


This single-tasking, flat file system, black and white dinosaur has aged fairly well. It is not an operating system anyone will bother to use today, but it's clarity of vision still shows through. Load it up in an emulator and remember the first time you asked, "Why would I want to attach a mouse to my computer?"

The archive includes a System 1.0 and System 1.1 disk image.

Architecture: 68k

Earliest Macs as the original (128k) and 512.
B & W - I do not know any further.


soudesune's picture
by soudesune - 2015, December 23 - 12:11pm

Anyone who has an interest in the Macintosh and how it came to be must read the articles on They are written by people who were there when the Macintosh ws coming into being.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2010, February 16 - 6:39pm

Someone mentioned the Atari Magazine Archive and in it was this article from April 1984 on the new Apple Macintosh:

Thanks Soudesune providing this information.

Games-n-Apps's picture
by Games-n-Apps - 2009, May 7 - 10:51pm

Thanks for the screenshot - of course this is German.
Did you get the applications running, too ?
I wasn't sure the software had become localized so early.
There was no chance for me to test - as I had written.
These disks are not ejected on shutdown, I forgot !
Sorry - should have known better,

matheweis's picture
by matheweis - 2009, May 4 - 12:52am

With some effort, I got it to boot under Mini vMac... The only trouble is I think this is a German version of the OS. Make sure you eject the disk before shutting down!

Games-n-Apps's picture
by Games-n-Apps - 2009, May 2 - 10:46pm

This is historic, but I cannot guarantee a thing.
Make sure there are no docs and apps without external copies prepared.
If there's somebody and a machine out there, please supply it better - this was found by occasion.