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Macintosh Patch & Hack List 3.4

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Guides on emulating older applications

Plain text hacking notes for a long, long list of games and apps:

Macintosh Patch & Hack List v3.4 (April 1995)
Mac Game Cheats (Sept 1997)

This may help some get those games working that you just can't find serials for, etc.
No warranty given, these are just the files I must have "acquired" back in the day. I think I maybe used a few, but most of my software was purchased then.

All the usual caveats apply - if you're hacking around in hex, work on a copy of the game.
If you find something that works for you, post details (version of app, mac os version, etc) in the app / game page Smile

I feel broken after searching for these - I knew I had them somewhere - but it must have been every night for six weeks of scouring every old Mac (and there are about 22, most with big disks) and every loose external disk (about 30 of them) - 72 disks in total, 39TB in total.
"It's always in the last place you look" - I was categorising and recording (in a vague manner) everything on the disks as I went, recorded into Excel. Then at the end, having not found these, I thought "I'll check what is on my latest MacBookPro too, just so every Mac is done", and within 15 seconds I found a "Mac - hacks" folder. Doh.