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Guides on emulating older applications

Synex's MacEnvelope is implemented as both an application and a DA. The application is used to specify the default content and locations of the address blocks, graphics, and messages on the envelope. You can place these anywhere you like, and there is an option that superimposes postal guidelines so you don't place anything in the clear zones. As with KiwiEnvelopes!, you have font control over entire text fields only, not individual characters.

When you access the DA, the contents of the Clipboard are automatically pasted into the mailing-address block on the envelope template. You can drag any of the envelope elements to a new position or change the text.

  — MacUser (April 1991)

Download #1: MacEnvelope v5.2 (1993)
Download #2: MacEnvelope Professional v1.0 & v1.0.1 (1992)

Architecture: 68k