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Mac OS X Server 10.0 (691-3209, 691-3046)

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691-3209-A0ZMac_OS_X_v10.0.4_Server_CD.iso (617.82 MB)
MD5: 20263a0209560875884136758079cb36
For Mac OS X
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691-3046-AWebObjects_v5._Deployment._For_Mac_OS_X_CD.iso (32.18 MB)
MD5: afd67593dd3a5f9c69d0ad3e5427416d
For Mac OS X
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Mac OS X Server 10.0 (Cheetah Server)

691-3209-A,0Z,Mac OS X v10.0.4 Server (CD)
691-3046-A,,WebObjects v5. Deployment. For Mac OS X (CD)

Released: May 21, 2001

Mac OS X Server 10.0 included the new Aqua user interface, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Tomcat, WebDAV support, Macintosh Manager and NetBoot.

Source from Wikipedia : Mac OS X Server 10.0

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Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)


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by os9er - 2018, October 5 - 5:43pm

Just a quick comment for the original uploader: I downloaded this and burned it to a CD, tried it on my machine, and it wouldn't boot; perhaps a problem with the image?