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Mac OS X Leopard Pre-releases

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Here are all of the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard pre-release builds that I have.

They are all at this mega link:

I tried to upload them directly to the Macintosh Garden but it kept timing out. If somebody has better luck uploading larger files to the garden, be my guest and feel free to put them on here directly. I purchased mega specifically for this.

From the Betawiki:

Mac OS X Leopard build 9A241 is the first developer beta build of Mac OS X Leopard. This build was distributed to developers on DVD after being demoed during WWDC '06. The build looks mostly identical to Tiger, except for the addition of new components like Time Machine, WebClips, and Spaces.

Mac OS X Leopard build 9A303 is a build of Mac OS X Leopard that is the last build known to be compatible with the PowerPC G3 processor. The user interface remains largely unchanged from build 241 and would only receive a facelift starting with build 410.

Build 9A321 has no entry. It does not seem much has changed from 9A303, but if tried to boot on G3s it hangs

Mac OS X Leopard build 9A343 is a a build of Mac OS X Leopard. This build mostly comprised of under the hood improvements, as the user interface would not see an overhaul until build 410.

Mac OS X Leopard build 9A410 is a beta build of Mac OS X Leopard. It is the second DVD-based beta build of Leopard distributed by Apple, which was given out during NAB 2007. This build has much of the Tiger UI intact, but window decorations have been updated to the iTunes-like style that would be used in the final retail version of Leopard. The intention of this build was to allow developers to test the new unified UI changes before shipping updated applications.

The default wallpaper used in this build is still the same as Mac OS X Tiger.

Mac OS X Leopard build 9A466 is a beta build of Mac OS X Leopard. This build is the last DVD-based beta build of Mac OS X Leopard and was distributed at WWDC '07. This build marked the second revision of the updated iTunes-like Aqua interface that was kept until Snow Leopard. Most of the Tiger assets have been removed, although some icons are still from Tiger, as well as certain UI buttons (such as the window controls).

Builds 9A499 and 9A559 have no entry on Betawiki. 9A499 seems mostly identical to 9A466. 9A559 looks like GM.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

G3s up to build 9A303
Any G4 or G5
Early Intel Macs


Josephlj945's picture
by Josephlj945 - 2021, April 14 - 10:38pm

I’m not sure but I will check when I get home.
I will also add the dates and make a better description. I am on mobile right now.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2021, April 14 - 8:35pm

Great. Does your 9A241 have a partition map in Terminal "diskutil list" while its image is mounted? If so then we could use your copy posted to mega or here. Actually the other 9A241 was mounted without being write protected, prior to their upload, so we probably could use yours regardless, unless it's the very same.

Can you list here the build Dates of each in your set?