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Mac OS X for Intel microprocessor

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10.4.6.install.dvd_.iso (4.38 GB)
MD5: 5c88e09705ebde2baf1bf19832bdd37a
For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

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Mac OS X for PowerPC microprocessor

Learn more about the builds available for your Intel-based Mac.

Mac OS X versions (builds) for computers: Learn which Mac OS X versions (builds) originally shipped with or are available for your computer via retail discs, downloads, or Software Update.
Finding the OS X version and build information on your Mac: Learn how to locate the OS X version and build number on your Mac.
Don't install a version of Mac OS X earlier than what came with your Mac: This article explains why you should not install a version of Mac OS X earlier than that which came with your Mac. Exception to this rule are very rare and you should know exactly what you are doing!

checking and verifying integrity of preserved software

How to verify the authenticity of manually downloaded Apple software updates : If you manually download an update package for Mac, you can verify the signature to confirm that the package is authentic and complete. (As of 'Last Modified: May 27, 2015', Apple Software Update Certificate Authority fingerprints are: SHA1 FA 02 79 0F CE 9D 93 00 89 C8 C2 51 0B BC 50 B4 85 8E 6F BF, SHA1 9C 86 47 71 48 B3 D7 04 24 7A 3C 3F 56 EA 2D E5 94 4B 01 C2.)

OS X Internet Recovery

This software is still available for purchase
OS X Internet Recovery

To start your computer from Internet Recovery, restart your Mac and hold down the Command and Option and R keys at startup. Internet Recovery is not perfect: it might 'quit unexpectedly', or you might not allow your Mac to download installer disc image for hours or days. It is just as important for the community to archive network-distributed software, as it is important to archive software distributed on physical media.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

10.6.3 build 10D575

Retail double-layer DVD-ROM.
Mfr. Part Number: MC573Z/A
UPC or EAN No.: 885909398751

oops: I recorded checksum of only Mac OS installer partition/slice, not whole disc.
cksum, MD5, SHA-1
1206739518 7273689088 10D575.slice
65bc030e517acf59891d576c2bd2f9d6 10D575.slice
1b9e17d0a49531fa715f74086b6cf8824859661b 10D575.slice

10.6.5 MacBook Air Software Reinstall Drive

Retail 8GB USB
Model: A1384
Mfr. Part Number: 607-8240

OS X Install Disk:
Product ID: 0x1502
Vendor ID: 0x05ac (Apple Inc.)
Version: 11.00
Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec
Manufacturer: APPLE
Location ID: 0x24100000 / 3
Current Available (mA): 500
Current Required (mA): 500
Capacity: 8.1 GB (8,103,395,328 bytes)
Removable Media: Yes
Detachable Drive: Yes
BSD Name: disk1
Partition Map Type: APM (Apple Partition Map)
S.M.A.R.T. status: Not Supported
Capacity: 31 KB (30,720 bytes)
Media Type: Unknown
BSD Name: disk1s1
Content: Apple_partition_map
Capacity: 2 KB (2,048 bytes)
Media Type: Unknown
BSD Name: disk1s2
Content: Apple_Driver_ATAPI
Mac OS X Install:
Capacity: 7.66 GB (7,657,377,792 bytes)
Available: 247.2 MB (247,214,080 bytes)
Media Type: Unknown
Writable: No
File System: HFS+
BSD Name: disk1s3
Mount Point: /Volumes/Mac OS X Install
Content: Apple_HFS
Volume UUID: 0414C394-BD3C-3741-A995-EFAB285CFC30

Mac OS X Lion

10.7.5 build 11G63

This software is still available for purchase
Apple Store (U.S.)

UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO.
UPC or EAN No.: D6106Z/A
3541820211 4719551306 11G63.InstallESD.dmg
907621833 5148295168 11G63.Install ESD.slice
4038206523 462662180 11G63.BaseSystem.dmg
4070237770 1392852992 11G63.Base System.slice
926186a27ff1a9770b9a291efbb7ff46 11G63.InstallESD.dmg
6c48da40d7fea2a9a819579102841e46 11G63.Install ESD.slice
4470c49ccd196cded2c541aa0d79561f 11G63.BaseSystem.dmg
005761023fe6c4854046805dce5b67f2 11G63.Base System.slice
a044fc01fa75b1f255dbdd6ea4fefa30cef147b0 11G63.InstallESD.dmg
6e2416419367df01064032daa27f9cdb0d7f7a01 11G63.Install ESD.slice
6d967f22dbe5f601a84631528b344f03ff9e0fa3 11G63.BaseSystem.dmg
3d61cc7e13d3fb5bc84fcfebfa9892cacd07d834 11G63.Base System.slice
a54fd09862d8d8e6834cfe05ca73c3eaace9515fe65150d97d27288a6658ad9ac9af6de920a85d16f7288de36f122e0cb718a2b3e11fab09eb0099bf3b465cc2 11G63.InstallESD.dmg
391e0693b421432cd708762b160e6eb7c8170ab66c0b8c33beced54b7987df1f6404718499c65843554ccd698faee725a8063a316ca5fce2296651dd61d596dd 11G63.Install ESD.slice
6681a01c9f93b338e94afe76ad3e21772b9a6cb6c542cca0c2342cc0bb6b13a293bc621bfdd3745c9c26f46f5d909583e2032c3b9f3c578ece29de86952d6a02 11G63.BaseSystem.dmg
434fbdbcdf8fc65414728f95434c01d2061fe3ad2cd6f93797f127fbd702992630c167c18de72172a5094f2b5e39040d4c769ab447901055eee1350e756c422f 11G63.Base System.slice

OS X Mountain Lion

10.8.5 build 12F45

This software is still available for purchase
Apple Store (U.S.)

UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO.
UPC or EAN No.: 885909922338
3341879902 4434015077 12F45.InstallESD.dmg
522434411 4856860672 12F45.Install ESD.slice
2644486267 457741857 12F45.BaseSystem.dmg
767528597 1193177088 12F45.Base System.slice
69fa8dbbc2aa6668534cc863ac9b9f28 12F45.InstallESD.dmg
b39e0994dbaee4612bc1774f217af814 12F45.Install ESD.slice
99928482cd761e961962e5c3c4755e2f 12F45.BaseSystem.dmg
2963b3f1b46332b3b3b6a9dd8f2f2f7c 12F45.Base System.slice
b8fa63882f06b52eb73f6ecc6661858de32e70e9 12F45.InstallESD.dmg
5255feabff1564dd33a8ef675ae3d4f257e9172b 12F45.Install ESD.slice
868f3dec3072fa07fe1e229bc2786321da7ca813 12F45.BaseSystem.dmg
1ad9d3a15b27a12c3e5694d4d720d97bddced5c5 12F45.Base System.slice

OS X Mavericks

10.9.5 build 13F34

UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO.
UPC or EAN No.:
2951846513 5318660434 13F34.InstallESD.dmg
2099180883 5465933824 13F34.Install ESD.slice
250014938 493349624 13F34.BaseSystem.dmg
2759811187 1281081344 13F34.Base System.slice
763e96e1821f7afae1ec653e87a1c400 13F34.InstallESD.dmg
e6fe77d4757df33b740b6a48be390645 13F34.Install ESD.slice
138f05a8f6a1c2e920893f765945c6f0 13F34.BaseSystem.dmg
efc92960fc6e38a4e83c8cca75f731e3 13F34.Base System.slice
59124140b092e5a2c99f1484100bf8d404408681 13F34.InstallESD.dmg
03bacfdb04046ef058d89f8d3a064924436fb659 13F34.Install ESD.slice
60cfa5b0dc148950d295206fb4e730cf0f1afd94 13F34.BaseSystem.dmg
4864bead2cb6d02531dcf88224f2b5e7694661ba 13F34.Base System.slice

OS X Yosemite

"Item Not Available The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store." (as of 2016-09-20)
Mac App Store (U.S.)

10.10.2 build 14C109

UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO.
UPC or EAN No.:
1655194890 5176879260 14C109.InstallESD.dmg
1313106626 5680836608 14C109.Install ESD.slice
9958120 488011166 14C109.BaseSystem.dmg
3574995146 1288699904 14C109.Base System.slice
61b0753bd885e20d5edf1d6865b1f9c3 14C109.InstallESD.dmg
d7f59d95798f4a29ad4632c870e76690 14C109.Install ESD.slice
dab66f0dfc772ee60764796f1e7748a1 14C109.BaseSystem.dmg
417df63a0a9a2fcc45a91983e54a36e2 14C109.Base System.slice
059f2603a91465bcee24c864d446da30df920f85 14C109.InstallESD.dmg
099253d5061f30592c4366c2b11a3443e7a2b204 14C109.Install ESD.slice
1842a56979466907fa7f245b4b779e630b8a0397 14C109.BaseSystem.dmg
bd87bae60b084caaee030a2a4cd3be4a368c1041 14C109.Base System.slice

10.10.3 build 14D131

UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO.
UPC or EAN No.:
727581372 5637551188 InstallESD.dmg
b3b3e1df1a4d68c74401877ba51caa2a InstallESD.dmg
dc4d4d0a7cd4aea4514025d23a58d05107369fa9 InstallESD.dmg

10.10.4 build 14E46

UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO.
UPC or EAN No.:
995357230 5668704673 InstallESD.dmg
700c81ef2c851b29e4d6a57504f9597b InstallESD.dmg
a8da3a4f4499c68559a2bad4ce232f2443a333ca InstallESD.dmg

10.10.5 build 14F27

UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO.
UPC or EAN No.:
3167239193 5718940459 InstallESD.dmg
ff4850735fa0a0a1d706edd21f133ef2 InstallESD.dmg
ef5cc8851b893dbe4bc9a5cf5c648c10450af6bc InstallESD.dmg

OS X El Capitan

"Item Not Available The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store." (as of 2016-09-20)
Mac App Store (U.S.)
Retrieved from:
Mac App Store (U.S.)

10.11.2 build 15C50 original release

UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO.
UPC or EAN No.:

1549767994 6195735337 15C50.InstallESD.dmg
1177033697 6454239232 15C50.Install ESD.slice
374895373 475774193 15C50.BaseSystem.dmg
4117803836 2011598848 15C50.Base System.slice
2411725886 2090275 15C50.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
1000053998 145346560 15C50.AppleDiagnostics.slice
a87d84763cb15c09ded01fa123aeb9d0 15C50.InstallESD.dmg
e1ad4d5379b170fa33b815198ed66f35 15C50.Install ESD.slice
fa7e60c944cf8d4b001a42fd74d639c9 15C50.BaseSystem.dmg
04312d06517419bb83108d0ba7660d7d 15C50.Base System.slice
9f7abc1f9eaf3326639140e3a780f58f 15C50.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
fdf9bc2383bdd8b37d0ead4af99cec31 15C50.AppleDiagnostics.slice
2b11b8b618a2e5100507c3c432363081db65c4c8 15C50.InstallESD.dmg
4b529213cf0e8c59b3d9e74fe462d7fa601c1d5a 15C50.Install ESD.slice
1051b398f652c093f54e8a473eca68ac7da5b053 15C50.BaseSystem.dmg
bcbe0d388123d8a095353ffb465c4bb0e33fec54 15C50.Base System.slice
af54da54c1f2a047f7b1d6f188a5c3d42a36b64c 15C50.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
051b0c14e3fc3a3135c70f0d093d19bc0d0b640f 15C50.AppleDiagnostics.slice
dfcc8bdd0f8d20bbc9cfa3fdfe12be35a413fbec5881093a10a87931698d97e3 15C50.Install ESD.slice

10.11.2 build 15C50 later distribution

This sample acquired 2016-09-02, Apple distributes a different disc image container (InstallESD.dmg) with substantially same content (GPT part - "disk image" , "OS X Install ESD" filesystem) as initial release.

2679622478 6195735465 15C50.InstallESD.dmg
674fc7c7914946d25627ea7cd5cf1f93 15C50.InstallESD.dmg
e5365591f0996809a666d5af24617a4160ce04ed 15C50.InstallESD.dmg
b66c81ab7be839a0d8c80d807f59660a9223b5fa33fdab29ef237a7266351685 15C50.InstallESD.dmg

10.11.4 build 15E65

UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO.
UPC or EAN No.:
1855349154 6201043889 15E65.InstallESD.dmg
1019021097 6717906944 15E65.Install ESD.slice
1198668696 477579745 15E65.BaseSystem.dmg
2618602375 2011045888 15E65.Base System.slice
4285151524 2157525 15E65.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
1460191612 140312576 15E65.AppleDiagnostics.slice

1a36088e63612b79a645ec2cff474c5a 15E65.InstallESD.dmg
7bf8c9d943df04589ac8780df1152bfe 15E65.Install ESD.slice

f6292573395b46e8110be6077fd4827409bc948b 15E65.InstallESD.dmg
e77444aa3aa1f41d094042b2095d7113ba7251bf 15E65.Install ESD.slice

532830b2a04b6f496b1cc1b18cc1645d1cda34151c212b68133f41c19d1431ed 15E65.InstallESD.dmg
5b2a335a3afdd037272a5011e2007db89489e3a0ce1f816668a20579409b9694 15E65.Install ESD.slice

10.11.5 build 15F34

UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO.
UPC or EAN No.:
3666516750 6211726289 15F34.InstallESD.dmg
1635418318 6885478400 15F34.Install ESD.slice
29802776 477739807 15F34.BaseSystem.dmg
2189145693 2013208576 15F34.Base System.slice
4285151524 2157525 15F34.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
1460191612 140312576 15F34.AppleDiagnostics.slice

5741cc867e6d99f44192655e5b1e6439 15F34.InstallESD.dmg
0c0e3e889973f41706df13239f377c4c 15F34.Install ESD.slice

850781fe8cb5d88c5d1bc23e704e6686ff1fcc2f 15F34.InstallESD.dmg
cf5b285b04b8272dcf0898a5e56f1a5da5a45eaa 15F34.Install ESD.slice

8be0c4144d79dc0ef275d6bea60db4d23ccf83b22b6c22a99ff35261862b0758 15F34.InstallESD.dmg
eda9860bcc6a1bd086387dfcdb419e31c1e3eba847e71d6f9ba519479c87cde9 15F34.Install ESD.slice

10.11.6 build 15G31 original release

This sample acquired 2016-07-20. UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO.
3473505443 6212262837 15G31.InstallESD.dmg
1158315690 6475223040 15G31.Install ESD.slice
357689217 477640174 15G31.BaseSystem.dmg
2028613267 2011004928 15G31.Base System.slice
4285151524 2157525 15G31.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
1460191612 140312576 15G31.AppleDiagnostics.slice

06f6e4a7b1996c542cbda28eb5f7a8f2 15G31.InstallESD.dmg
6f244bfcfd391d5b99a9b5feffa369cd 15G31.Install ESD.slice

7739e3f62080000da5d28efa689c53976112a262 15G31.InstallESD.dmg
f0c3c4f7823ff63a308d0539419c9913e6b222f6 15G31.Install ESD.slice

0b8156957236865e170bc7784bf067ba8b5b231ad8ce45790865e16c9c653615 15G31.InstallESD.dmg
7be82567e8c14bdec0537fe96633e4b650e47c52f2acff6937f9ed6db42bd034 15G31.Install ESD.slice

10.11.6 build 15G31 later distribution

This sample acquired 2016-11-15, Apple distributes a disc image which is substantially different than initial release. Packages (BaseSystemResources.pkg Essentials.pkg OSInstall.mpkg OSInstall.pkg OSUpgrade.pkg X11redirect.pkg) differ. Everything else (BaseSystem.dmg AppleDiagnostics.dmg EFIPayloads SMCPayloads InstallableMachines.plist) are identical. Bizarrely, 'OSInstall.mpkg can't be installed because its digital signature is invalid.', while other packages signature fingerprint is 'SHA1 FA 02 79 0F CE 9D 93 00 89 C8 C2 51 0B BC 50 B4 85 8E 6F BF'.
2212132222 6206829859 15G31.InstallESD.dmg
2549869861 6473576448 15G31.Install ESD.slice
4f5ec0665edc79c1cb8fbf25907623d8 15G31.InstallESD.dmg
c45c261fdaae1c99624759852858e7f8 15G31.Install ESD.slice
7849c9f62fb5b5d336d94aa6eccf9283831e0b5c 15G31.InstallESD.dmg
35a9d8702a539e68fea0c0f5bf344e4339589a64 15G31.Install ESD.slice
36d6532cc34cc6e35de896ee5d0e7ce277e247429ff4e38c32e3b033f053b5ab 15G31.InstallESD.dmg
2c756936b59a1de243bd6aeca4f7b97ea3c4ce2762abc8f17a6de124513d034a 15G31.Install ESD.slice

Mac OS X 10.12

Though branded 'macOS Sierra', SystemVersion.plist holds 'ProductName' 'Mac OS X' 'ProductUserVisibleVersion' '10.12'.

"Item Not Available The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store." (as of 2017-12-05)
Mac App Store (U.S.)
Retrieved from:
Mac App Store (U.S.)

10.12 build 16A323

This sample acquired 2016-09-21. UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO. Packages (Essentials.pkg OSInstall.mpkg OSInstall.pkg) signature fingerprint is 'SHA1 FA 02 79 0F CE 9D 93 00 89 C8 C2 51 0B BC 50 B4 85 8E 6F BF'.

3238264412 4765087512 16A323.InstallESD.dmg
3851109848 5027921920 16A323.Install ESD.slice
1710452534 485072953 16A323.BaseSystem.dmg
432407178 2009292800 16A323.Base System.slice
1498062104 2341844 16A323.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
502600962 145125376 16A323.AppleDiagnostics.slice

98eb1328baa53f5b1e8445c869fcbb3a 16A323.InstallESD.dmg
63880614968861bd1e3fbe6e0c82c545 16A323.Install ESD.slice

139ef35e4af0da8286b2a3af326cb114d774f606 16A323.InstallESD.dmg
fcd37270bc50b90299dfc2ac1253809f787ef7a2 16A323.Install ESD.slice

78a2701bb63a0dcb30862314d1a4598522cfe6a2dd2b096a4e30f256909a4446 16A323.InstallESD.dmg
645f843db3edf941c9c55f402a80d235583b10226eb835f3dfdcf6cf9f47e2c0 16A323.Install ESD.slice

10.12.1 build 16B2657

This sample acquired 2016-11-15. UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO. Packages (BaseSystemResources.pkg Essentials.pkg OSInstall.mpkg OSInstall.pkg) signature fingerprint is 'SHA1 FA 02 79 0F CE 9D 93 00 89 C8 C2 51 0B BC 50 B4 85 8E 6F BF'.

2487845618 4883597118 16B2657.InstallESD.dmg
793706371 5414420480 16B2657.Install ESD.slice
2809318545 487223180 16B2657.BaseSystem.dmg
4283918742 2013057024 16B2657.Base System.slice
1789019352 2413541 16B2657.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
1713974791 140124160 16B2657.AppleDiagnostics.slice

42856038d3089e36c37bb9a3de9b60dd 16B2657.InstallESD.dmg
307543a5a4a0106325a3c219137ffc43 16B2657.Install ESD.slice
a8897cae690d2e1c868fbb0e439bc9cc 16B2657.BaseSystem.dmg
5ffe9a1813d7e78202f66845be74b2bc 16B2657.Base System.slice
b06ea27b481ded19e46f6299a4bd6be3 16B2657.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
15e70f134ac3986d0e3b992c3a61f816 16B2657.AppleDiagnostics.slice

e559e142a4c9ebaaa740c575d5c3c23c6eb3fb06 16B2657.InstallESD.dmg
892d0b1c551aa14b7b76aef44cea812577f16117 16B2657.Install ESD.slice
ca51d6e3a27ed712a7f330c5ad84172a5493b803 16B2657.BaseSystem.dmg
6798ebeecfaa45df8641fb4ef50e1a9947667c77 16B2657.Base System.slice
0e435a22cedd6a920b07dba15c3bbd2b68722be4 16B2657.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
9f6ded048e95d3a9a2c6dee4db891e37ad7f09d9 16B2657.AppleDiagnostics.slice

8608c0cebf689431ad35d37bcb0035aac266c78f95e7e2a3fd8104d153a24e9b 16B2657.InstallESD.dmg
adddabd5655385e036cd5a6bfa60f48285e9d32f71efe84afc6f530c1d20db27 16B2657.Install ESD.slice
205e341de099f2e515390ba9325e3fe046a74dd5dd2256bcdac5920a51019f77 16B2657.BaseSystem.dmg
f390cb76a4a883df2e3740b844e987a475e97e2992a9dbdfdb5852396201df9f 16B2657.Base System.slice
0fdcff0a7636085a80dda7497d4a5539fdecb78f3b3707e8422204ec682bd341 16B2657.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
3a4fa3f272b2d8bc7d0cd7062a6d684c13b9b391fbe9efba122664105d6f002a 16B2657.AppleDiagnostics.slice

10.12.2 build 16C67

This sample acquired 2016-12-13. UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO. Packages (BaseSystemResources.pkg EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg Essentials.pkg FirmwareUpdate.pkg OSInstall.mpkg OSInstall.pkg) signature fingerprint is 'SHA1 FA 02 79 0F CE 9D 93 00 89 C8 C2 51 0B BC 50 B4 85 8E 6F BF'. AppleDiagnostics.dmg is identical to that in 10.12.1 build 16B2657.

1226243967 4951607052 16C67.InstallESD.dmg
3299567570 5481664512 16C67.Install ESD.slice
1412026611 489342553 16C67.BaseSystem.dmg
2881208651 1997578240 16C67.Base System.slice
2077692771 59293017 EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg
4271795199 155024800 FirmwareUpdate.pkg
2171515237 2813 InstallableMachines.plist

43aa19eee715f0aac08cb6783fc35cab 16C67.InstallESD.dmg
2ec34e294d6ecf7edb3be843679f287b 16C67.Install ESD.slice

1432e3be6222c434b536721076ed8b16b1c6050e 16C67.InstallESD.dmg
b3892365df368c064cb5113dbbf582593d862c5d 16C67.Install ESD.slice

6c2b16f248407a3853a9c4a63efadc94813321708f5eed5c09b73f33e5edd855 16C67.InstallESD.dmg
93a2abe34eb5adb276070e9ec92fca15bb2e79f3ee24943ffd4250d9fc316ba7 16C67.Install ESD.slice

10.12.3 build 16D32

This sample acquired 2017-01-23. UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO. Packages (BaseSystemResources.pkg EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg Essentials.pkg FirmwareUpdate.pkg OSInstall.mpkg OSInstall.pkg) signature fingerprint is 'SHA1 FA 02 79 0F CE 9D 93 00 89 C8 C2 51 0B BC 50 B4 85 8E 6F BF'. AppleDiagnostics.dmg is identical to that in 10.12.1 build 16B2657.

625129732 4950497037 16D32.InstallESD.dmg
428120140 5481558016 16D32.Install ESD.slice
1368434862 489299405 16D32.BaseSystem.dmg
2855479258 2011025408 16D32.Base System.slice
789691518 59293022 EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg
4010461835 155004328 FirmwareUpdate.pkg
2171515237 2813 InstallableMachines.plist

6e8131542352bb5417e3a2809051ccb7 16D32.InstallESD.dmg
9b3eb1c3af7bf7936acf21dfa479365b 16D32.Install ESD.slice
60e678bf783558d75843331d738ff9ed 16D32.BaseSystem.dmg
e7714c191495a2678ddabf345449e2bb 16D32.Base System.slice

77d354ec06df0d0acc37c105ae524ba96948142b 16D32.InstallESD.dmg
2432667d2e175139207068fcefb88e4eef8ea732 16D32.Install ESD.slice
207a47927fac29f858933e27b4e440654177e379 16D32.BaseSystem.dmg
ec963de49e0d832a585a7b565609da2fdd62c390 16D32.Base System.slice

75a288fe6efc0591f757baf08305270f1b843b54cfb66fe6b257049400a0d6e9 16D32.InstallESD.dmg
e045950f0aeb7d251799dd1a4ae02b019b717ea31cc958fcd541875b5cec9824 16D32.Install ESD.slice
4b9e720bd8b290fad07c4fa7acf720b9a4a5af60f7f6458ed72eb1ae8833afa6 16D32.BaseSystem.dmg
2cbee413986b43e2709c6ffabce377e0ee06e7dba49cb77aaef3ecf4dd9decab 16D32.Base System.slice

10.12.4 build 16E195

This sample acquired 2017-04-27. UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO. Packages (BaseSystemResources.pkg EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg Essentials.pkg FirmwareUpdate.pkg OSInstall.mpkg OSInstall.pkg) signature fingerprint is 'SHA1 FA 02 79 0F CE 9D 93 00 89 C8 C2 51 0B BC 50 B4 85 8E 6F BF'. AppleDiagnostics.dmg is identical to that in 10.12.1 build 16B2657.

3081523871 4946110221 16E195.InstallESD.dmg
2175562819 5476450304 16E195.Install ESD.slice
1829478961 478145382 16E195.BaseSystem.dmg
1670249474 1997787136 16E195.Base System.slice
2507147181 59288919 16E195.EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg
77725202 161668511 16E195.FirmwareUpdate.pkg

30319aeae18c3277919c59fe678201553f5a11022d6966b67a43422996391181 16E195.InstallESD.dmg
866c1efc150c365c66a2b526d96b00f7a892b36f3e5994a4e4993289b14c5b37 16E195.Install ESD.slice
8ecca10b2531227f9b9dde02be313657e14d66db47bcadaae9d1043c49001e66 16E195.BaseSystem.dmg
c8255209453eddca1af24fd7e04fb045d70fa815e4b953c7f029503cbb493072 16E195.Base System.slice

Mac OS X 10.13

Though branded 'macOS High Sierra', SystemVersion.plist holds 'ProductName' 'Mac OS X' 'ProductUserVisibleVersion' '10.13'.

This software is still available for purchase
Mac App Store (U.S.)
Retrieved from:
Mac App Store (U.S.)

10.13.2 build 17C88

This sample acquired 2017-12-05. Packages (InstallESDDmg.pkg BridgeOSBrain.pkg BridgeOSUpdateCustomer.pkg Core.pkg EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg FirmwareUpdate.pkg OSInstall.mpkg) signature fingerprint is 'SHA-256 AE 4B A7 57 65 A2 D9 1A 9F 86 6E E1 2A B1 53 F8 75 9B C1 D1 29 46 0E 7D B5 FF 45 FC 98 6F 98 7A' 'SHA-1 FA 02 79 0F CE 9D 93 00 89 C8 C2 51 0B BC 50 B4 85 8E 6F BF'.

221278160 4706541399 17C88.InstallESDDmg.pkg
1997161785 4706532872 17C88.InstallESD.dmg
390186964 8939180032 17C88.InstallESD.slice
1057190632 478740408 17C88.BaseSystem.dmg
1410650120 2013097984 17C88.Base System.slice
952255809 2613173 17C88.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
2313042838 127631360 17C88.AppleDiagnostics.slice
1413421812 11596 17C88.BridgeOSBrain.pkg
1718293438 11596 17C88.BridgeOSUpdateCustomer.pkg
353430251 4444474799 17C88.Core.pkg
2534575718 59301202 17C88.EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg
1382894030 202620133 17C88.FirmwareUpdate.pkg
69161412 678231 17C88.OSInstall.mpkg

a016570e65a70e23462efdddd845d3a1a5a7cc39aa770a0052af16e3d5f2ac4f 17C88.InstallESDDmg.pkg
4490bd868b3f7bbc0692eacf0723914d474970d2e2a309d7728236f15fd64c72 17C88.InstallESD.dmg
c3228e7d9760ef59fa322ede14c4ffbc18ca9120350b3736ae2a71b7dd945902 17C88.InstallESD.slice
f10436de7929a4a9f639987fc394ac8ec4de2e44c0aaa7102dc922ce058db2b3 17C88.BaseSystem.dmg
836a4c73aa6048c3dfcbc14610d769c7c63a5311a8e90b002d9f4329bcab6cb3 17C88.Base System.slice
8f78bb655d25064c8e9a1f588075398a0d90daeecfc9e83b0e1ed890bec6c5bc 17C88.AppleDiagnostics.dmg
c6e42676415d8f1a2dd1574ca1c15aff6886d205f5edfeb68378f416406f9850 17C88.AppleDiagnostics.slice

Architecture: x86 (Intel:Mac)


scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2020, July 7 - 9:35pm

Here is link to macOS Big Sur 11.0 and Rosetta 2.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2020, July 7 - 6:30pm

This system has Rosetta 2 include.

I hope this will survive much more macOS releases than Rosetta 1 has.

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2020, July 7 - 4:09am

Apple have announced to new apple system at WWDC. The new apple system is macOS Big Sur 11.0. This will be coming out this fall.

macOS Big Sur 11.0 beta 1 intel x86-64 and ARM64 is Apple silicon and Rosetta 2 is included as of macOS Big Sur to aid in Apple's transition to ARM processors from Intel processors.[5][9] In addition to the just-in-time (JIT) translation support available in Rosetta, Rosetta 2 includes support for translating an application at installation time, effectively creating a Universal 2 application.

In time Apple will remove all non-apple silicon intel x64. This needs x64 intel remove future mac to ARM64. This system has Rosetta 2 include.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, November 19 - 4:44pm

Well, I briefly looked it up, and found this one video by ever-famous dosdude1, reporting that he can install, specifically, 10.7.2 on Core Solo/Core Duo (but nothing past 10.7.2, not even 10.7.3). The video is from 2014.

Interesting. Now I wonder what's the latest OS X version people pushed into 32-bit x86 machines since. Not that anything past Snow Leopard would be particularly good on them, since most 10.7+ apps will naturally tend to be 64-bit only, although exceptions most likely exist.

Edit: Yeah, people pushed this further. For anyone potentially interested, look up "oemden DOT com" and things like this video.

Fun trivia.

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2019, November 19 - 3:08pm

From memory, I know that Lion did still load 32bit kexts, namely those for the GMA950 GPU.
So I presume that 10.7 would still work on a 32bit CPU even as the 64bit kernel goes first by default.
The 32bit kernel must still be there, maybe flaky and undocumented.

I never saw much advantage of 10.7 over 10.6, so my C2D oldie stays with Snow Leopard.
It does boot Sierra just fine too. Wink

SolarstrikeVG's picture
by SolarstrikeVG - 2019, November 19 - 4:42am

I'll need to do some research into that.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, November 18 - 10:48pm

@SolarstrikeVG Is there any unofficial, known way of booting 10.7 Lion (and later) on 32-bit x86 hardware? I thought Lion and later came distributed with only a 64-bit kernel.

On a side note, I once looked up "re-enabling" Rosetta on Lion, but it turned out this would require modification of the Lion kernel (Rosetta is that deep-rooted into the system), and thus also require the recompiling of the kernel.

SolarstrikeVG's picture
by SolarstrikeVG - 2019, November 18 - 9:13pm

On a side note, once Intel becomes comfortable here (probably not for some time but we'll see); we'll probably have to search out for the last versions of programs for Snow Leopard due to both Rosetta and the lack of official 32-bit EFI support on 10.7+. (Lion tweaks and 2006 MP EC scripts not withstanding)

This probably won't be for some time though due to some programs supporting SL as late as 2015 if not even later (Firefox supported SL until June 2017, VLC in November 2017, and so on) - though games will probably be rolling in around 2022-24. (most devs dropped SL support in the 2012-14 range)

Don't expect an upload on this page until 2021, at least for now.

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2019, November 18 - 1:57am

This at happen on other website about MacOS Catalina. This website has change to intel 64 and windows. is website is moving to intel 64. has move to intel 64. has remove all 68k and power pc but intel only and and will be new techtool 12 in fall. has remove all buy link to universal games and hint books these games. They have to remove to intel 64. has remove all PCI and PCIX cards. And left only PCIe on website. G5 or intel to run PCIe but there are 2 card work on G5 only but not mac os 15 64bit. Some cards work better on intel 64. has two version on website. old universal and newer intel 64 but new intel 64 in alpha version. The old universal is still on website but have testing too build for intel 64. all pangea Software games will not run on MacOS Catalina 64 bit. Most games have gone to intel 64 but some have not. all free games are universal. some buy games are intel 64 but some are universal. from Richard Bannister website. His application are mac OS X 10.11 or later is 64 bit.
This is from website. It said this.
First and foremost, breathe. Everything is going to be ok!

Best case scenario, you only have newer games which are already 64bit compatible and an upgrade to Catalina would not harm a thing.
Worst case scenario would be that you install a prior macOS on a second partition so that you have both the newer Catalina, and the older Mojave (or Sierra) to run your older games which died in Catalina.

So you are wondering if you should Upgrade to macOS 10.15 Catalina (as your Software Update may be pressuring you into). You may first want to make considerations about the Applications you currently have and use (especially ones you wish to continue to use for awhile yet). Not only games, but all your non-Apple Applications are subject to this change.

As with all macOS updates that break prior games in your library, Catalina is no different (except that it will break a lot more than usual). Upgrading to Catalina will cause all 32bit-only Applications to cease functioning! You will not even be able to launch them.
Game Developers have known about this impending change for many years now, and many new Mac Games are designed with 64bit support. However not all are 64bit compatible!
Keep in mind, the MacGameStore is a store and service that sells the games made by developers. MacGameStore does not make these games, and can not update them to 64bit without source code. When a developer provides an update to a game, we will post the updated game (if we host the download).
Games provided through 3rd party systems (like Steam) are also under the same limitations and restrictions. Some games on those services will see updates too from their developers (but not all, especially really old games).

If you are thinking of upgrading to Catalina:

Many games will not run!
Pay close attention to the "64bit Support" line in the "System Requirements" area. We try our best to gather the full information from developers and publishers, however sometimes they are still unknown.
We also have added '64bit' badges on product lists for all 10.15 users using the MacGameStore App.
Sadly, MacGameStore can not issue refunds for older 32bit-only games you bought beyond the allowed return period. If you dual-boot anyhow, those games can still be played fine!
If you have an older Mac that ran 10.14 (or earlier). You can still setup a dual-boot on another partition for those games (it may be daunting, but its a viable solution).
Ultimately, upgrading to Catalina is your choice to make. Hopefully this information helps you decide.

Further information about this transition and the change from 32bit to 64bit, and other helpful documents:

32-bit app compatibility with macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 and later
Steam and macOS 10.15 Catalina
Installing macOS on a separate APFS volume

Steven Peeler has said this on his on blogs.
Dropping Mac support

We've supported the Mac platform for 11 years now, but yesterday Apple released OSX 10.15 which removed support for 32-bit applications. Basically that means that our games (and probably tons of other games and apps) no longer work on the latest version of OSX. It's certainly possible to fix this on our part, but the following is why that's not feasible.
• 32 bit apps no longer supported - This is the initial, direct problem. This is mostly changing to compiling as 64-bit application, fixing any compile problems, and then lots of testing and fixing any problems that crop up. This part is probably not too bad.
• Apple's Carbon API is 32-bit only - Pretty much all of our Mac specific code is using the Carbon API. We would need to rewrite all of this to use Apple's newer Cocoa API.
• Other libraries - Going from 32-bit to 64-bit is likely to break some of the libraries we use. Hopefully this just means we would need to update to a newer version, but it's possible we would need to go to a completely new library or write it ourselves.
• Now required to be notarized by Apple or app won't run - This is basically just getting an automated tool to run against your app. The process itself is probably pretty easy, it's the requirements that would cause issues for us. These can be seen at here.
• Notarization requires OSX 10.13.6 - This requires a jump of multiple OS versions for my Mac. The reason why it's on an older OS version, is because, in my experience, every new version of OS X breaks something in my developer tool chain.
• Notarization requires signing the app - This should be relatively easy.
• Notarization requires XCode 10 - Just like an OS X upgrade, XCode upgrades tend to break something in my developer tool chain and again this would be a jump of multiple versions. Also XCode requires 10.13.6 (at least that is consistent).
• Notarization requires an app to link against the OSX 10.9 or later SDK - This would force us to make the min OS we support as 10.9, so this would screw over customers on older OSX builds or I would have to make 2 Mac builds.
• OpenGL is deprecated - Apple hasn't completely killed off OpenGL, support but they have announced that they are phasing it out to support their Apple only Metal API. We don't even support Microsoft's platform specific graphics API.
• My Mac computer - My current Mac computer max OS that I can install is 10.13 (2 behind the latest). So I can barely get to the min OS version needed by Notarization and XCode. How long until Apple forces me to buy a new computer?
• How long until Apple drops Objective C for Swift? - Given everything else in this list, how long until Apple completely drops Objective C for Swift. Currently all of our Mac specific code is in Apple's Objective C language. It's already annoying enough that the Mac specific code is in a different language (we use C++), but being forced from one Apple language to another Apple language would be worse. Considering I would already be rewriting most of the Mac specific code it would make some amount of sense to get this over with now. Note: learning a new programming language isn't that big of a deal, it's just one more thing added to the long list.
• Gatekeeper Path Randomization / App Translocation - This has already partially broken our games before 10.15. This makes it so our games can't access our own data because it's not included inside the app bundle. Fixing this isn't hard, but it's annoying to need to fix it in the first place.

So the final list of things needed to continue supporting the Mac: move to 64 bit, transition carbon API code to cocoa API, probably replace some of our libraries, sign the app, notarize the app, upgrade Mac to 10.13, upgrade to XCode 10, transition OpenGL to Metal, transition Objective C code to Swift, restructure directories, fix everything that broke in all of these upgrades, and probably buying a new Mac computer sooner than later (and Macs are expensive).

I'm sure Apple has a good reason for all of these things, but a company with $250 billion in cash pushing all of this work on much smaller developers is kind of a crappy thing to do.

All of this would take more time than the initial port to the Mac in the first place. While the initial porting turned out to worth it, our Mac revenue has gone down a lot since then. So doing all of the above would be a pretty big money sink and unfortunately that is not something that we can handle right now.

NOTE: All of our current games that get patched will continue to get Mac patches. They just won't work on 10.15 and above.
Steven Peeler
Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, Din's Curse, Drox Operative, Zombasite, & Din's Legacy

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2019, November 17 - 11:43pm

I got this from this website but 32 bit application has not been removed from mac app store. Old 32 bits application are left on site. It was wrong on this site. Buyer beware 32 bit app don't work on MacOS Catalina.
But no new 32 bit application are upload to mac app store. Only 64 bit app are upload to mac app store.

Duality's picture
by Duality - 2019, November 17 - 11:07pm

Apple removed 32-bit-only apps from the Mac App Store.

Not quite true. Apple hasn't removed any 32-bit apps from the store. As an example, you can still find Return to Dark Castle today on the Mac App Store as a 32-bit app.

It will even let you purchase and download the app on Catalina, even though it's not at all compatible. Surprisingly the Mac App Store gives no indication that this is the case.

The only change that happened around 32-bit apps with respect to the Mac App Store is that the store has stopped accepting new uploads of 32-bit apps since January 1, 2018.

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2019, November 2 - 6:21pm


mac os 10.5.1 Catalina

Support for 32-bit applications is dropped. Only 64-bit applications can be run; older 32-bit ones will no longer run. This includes all software that uses the Carbon API. macOS Catalina runs only 64-bit applications. That means 32-bit applications will no longer run, including all software that uses the Carbon API and image, audio and video formats that use QuickTime 7. Apple removed 32-bit-only apps from the Mac App Store.

Mac Gamer's picture
by Mac Gamer - 2019, November 2 - 5:36pm

Yeah. I removed the dead link...

SolarstrikeVG's picture
by SolarstrikeVG - 2019, November 2 - 1:57am

As of late 2019, the purchase link for Snow Leopard is gone.

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2019, July 28 - 11:13pm

I found out mac os Catalina is mac os 10.15 Catalina. The wikipedia said this

Support for 32-bit applications is dropped. Only 64-bit applications can be run; older 32-bit ones will no longer run. This includes all software that uses the Carbon API. This needs that mac os 10.14 mojave is last system run 32 bit application.

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2019, May 6 - 1:04am

I found out from mac website that a new apple system is coming out.

The apple system is macos 10.15. This system is 64 bit only computers and 64 bit application.
mac os x 10.6 last system run on x86 32 bit intel computer and x86 32 bit and 64 bit and Power PC 32 bit in Roswell emulator. mac os x 10.7 to macos 10.14 run on 64bit computers and 32 bit application. All developer will will changing to 64 bit.
That will send all x86 32 bit and 32 bit Power PC and universal will be come here on macintosh garden. They will come here because it will only place to get the old application and games.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2018, October 18 - 3:35pm

Butterburger rename this to ...32 bit and start another entry for 64 ones, if appropriate. Wink

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2018, October 16 - 11:09pm

"The times they are a' changin"

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2018, October 16 - 10:23pm

mac OS 10.14 Mojave is out now. This is intel x64 but this is last version run x64 and 32 bit application. And it will give a warning on 32 bit application running in mac OS 10.14. The warning said this version will not run on future mac OS. This needs next mac OS will be x64 and x64 application only.

butterburger's picture
by butterburger - 2017, December 17 - 6:44am

With High Sierra, Apple introduces minor changes in how they ship ESD. High Sierra InstallESD.dmg is contained in xarball 'InstallESDDmg.pkg'. No longer are BaseSystem.dmg and AppleDiagnostics.dmg contained in InstallESD: with High Sierra, these three images are distinct. Previous InstallESD.dmg slice/partition/filesystem Volume Name was 'OS X Install ESD'; with High Sierra, Volume Name is 'InstallESD'. Previous AppleDiagnostics.dmg partition-scheme was Apple partition map (APM); with High Sierra, AppleDiagnostics.dmg uses GUID partition-scheme (GPT). Disc images (InstallESD.dmg BaseSystem.dmg AppleDiagnostics.dmg) are UDIF read-only compressed (zlib) UDZO (still, since Mac OS X Lion).

Another little news story:
macOS Sierra and Later Not Listed in Mac App Store Purchased Tab, Updates Not Tied to Apple ID (story at

I am not alone in disliking how Apple ships OS X ESD. See blog post: René Rebe » Blog Archive » The miserable High Sierra install experience. 'Why the heck can they not publish proper, good old installer disk images?' 'Each year the whole install procedure feel more like a hidden, user unfriendly labyrinth maze'

os9er's picture
by os9er - 2017, October 20 - 9:06pm

I wonder if Hackintoshing would be an appropriate topic here...?

butterburger's picture
by butterburger - 2016, September 6 - 10:55pm

I might have found a trick, a way to get an older "point release" of OS X from Apple's software distribution network. By actioning 'Store > Check for Unfinished Downloads…' instead of 'Purchased > Download', an old minor version of OS X El Capitan was downloaded (.2 15C50 rather than .6 15G31). Payload UDIF file 'InstallESD.dmg' is different than 2016 December, and the bingle gods did not index its checksums.

Interestingly, disk image partition is unchanged, same as it was at 2016 December. Any change is in Universal Disk Image Format meta information.

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2016, April 15 - 9:25am

Attention !
Apple seems to have changed some certificates rendering all OS X installer ESDs useless after 02/14/2016 if they were downloaded before that date. You need to reload the installer ESD with the new signation OR, as a work-around, to set the date to before 02/14/2016 for the installer running successfully.

MacRumours - OS X Installers Downloaded Prior to February 14 No Longer Work After Certificate Update

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2015, December 10 - 5:39am

I question the need to keep anything here not available via Apple App Store.

Case in point... the ONLY version of Mavericks and Yosemite you can download are 10.9.5 and 10.10.5 respectively... why archive all the point-release details?!

butterburger's picture
by butterburger - 2016, September 23 - 9:47pm

After fourteen hours, El Capitan 15C50.dmg download successfully completed. (A bogus error around 5,2Go scared me. For a moment, I thought about ten hours of traffic and electricity was wasted.) El Capitan seems to be first OS X which is shipped with GUID partition-scheme (GPT). (Every other OS X which I observed, both CD and ESD, use Apple partition map APM.)

2016-03-23 follow-up: 15E65 download completed after little more than one hour. Maybe Apple beefed-up their software distribution server network.

2016-07-22 follow-up: 15G31 download likewise completed within two hours.

2016-09-23 follow-up: time to download 16A323 was just fifty minutes. It is considerably smaller than El Capitan.

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2015, November 19 - 9:26pm

Intel will works on Mac os x 10.4 universal and mac os x 10.5 universal and mac os x 10.6 is intel only.
Intel starts at mac os x 10.4.5. mac os x 10.5. It works on both on PPC and intel. It is universal.
Mac os x 10.6 to mac os x 10.11 is intel only.

butterburger's picture
by butterburger - 2015, November 18 - 6:03am

I dislike Apple Universal Disk Image Format "UDIF.dmg files". I discourage use of UDIF.dmg. I strongly discourage treating UDIF.dmg as a "gold master", "original composition", or "reference copy". I believe, UDIF.dmg is likely to be mishandled by innocent non-experienced oblivious users, who will false-positive-detect 'data rot'. This might result in wasted operator time & effort, material waste (if operator chose WORM media), and wasted network resources. I consider UDIF.dmg harmful.

I now realise hdiutil convert UDIF.dmg -format UDTO is a futile operation. It loses meta information from UDIF. Before, I wrongly assumed it outputs a normalised file with added "gold" value for reference.

In the interest of software preservation, I will emphasise volume/slice/partition/filesystem content of UDIF.dmg over container file itself.

I am not alone in distrusting Apple's competence to deliver/distribute software. See recent blog post: Michael Tsai - Blog - No One Minding the Store

butterburger's picture
by butterburger - 2015, October 1 - 9:23pm

I just read a somewhat relevant, little news story:
Apple Pulls Older Software From 'Purchased' Tab in Mac App Store (story at

This does not surprise me. Years ago, I did expect distribution to be discontinued. If I am surprised, then it is because Apple has distributed old O.S.s through so long.

later edit:
I read another little news story:
Discontinued Apple Software Returns to 'Purchased' Tab in Mac App Store (story at

The software titles were returned to list of purchases, but availability/distribution was not restored. 'Purchased Tab' is like a receipt, a record of titles which App Store account is licensed to use; rather than a 'software locker', garage/library of items offered for retrieval.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2015, July 20 - 10:14am

If we removed everything off this site that wasn't official abandoned by its publisher (even including publishing companies that no longer exist), we would probably have one Zip disk filled with shareware (OK, so a bit of an exaggeration, but not far off).

As you can see by my other most recent post, I have softened my stance, and now support the archiving (not downloading) of these files.

butterburger's picture
by butterburger - 2015, July 8 - 7:37am

Earliest reference which I found to Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 build 11E53, is, dated 2012-5-12. Size 4179961589, MD5 aec08be10d289caccff8f14c06b580c1 InstallESD.dmg, SHA-1 42a4bde175aa2d6fcbe17e0692c3c6c2d91176e8 InstallESD.dmg. I do not have file in hand, to find cksum and unpack/uncompress (convert DMG to UDTO).

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2015, March 12 - 1:36am

I have softened my stance somewhat, and I do agree that these installers (and Mavericks) require archiving locally (not file sharing) at this point.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2015, January 3 - 2:35am


Try posting a 20+ year old EA game on this site, and see how "reasonable" some software publishers can be!

Apple have NEVER released any of their software as abandonware. I would not pick a fight with Apple (or their lawyers) and many current computers in use are stuck at maximum Mac OS X 10.6.8 (particularly MacBook's which cannot update due to video hardware). I personally used Lion as my only OS until quite recently (Mid-2010 iMac).

Almost all current software will run on 10.6.8, so my piracy concerns are well-founded when we talk about "preserving" an (Apple) operating system still in regular use around the globe.

As you can see, a steady 1 in 5 users (at that point) were still using Snow Leopard, probably out of necessity. NO APPLE OS WILL EVER BE ABANDONWARE. It might be FREEWARE, but that is as far as Apple, and its litigious mentality will go. Even then, only System 6.0.8 and 7.5.5 were ever released as freeware (from memory).

The simple fact that we would even CALL Snow Leopard or Lion ABANDONWARE, shows how little you know about Apple, and ABANDONWARE.

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2015, January 2 - 2:09pm

Many here will agree its wise to preserve everything from Apple locally as long as its available.
We had to learn the hard way that servers may go off-line in an instant.
Thinking of support, we have to face the fact that the ntp security update was not offered by Apple for 10.7 or lower.
(Don´t ask me why they decided not to submit this simple patch and leave this large barn-door open for attacking.)
Anyway we should recall the ten-year rule before even considering uploading files to the garden.
Posting links to external servers, may they be legal or not is useless in my opinion, as this won´t preserve anything and thats what the garden is about, don´t you think so?
Just my two € cents.

butterburger's picture
by butterburger - 2015, January 2 - 5:10am

discussing anything more recent than that is courting disaster

discussing is courting disaster ?!

Here is some discussing on Apple Support Communities. Do you call this 'courting disaster'?

I do not understand you. I live right now. I do not see 'pirating' going on. Not in discussion, nor anywhere else on Macintosh Garden. Do you see 'pirating' now? Or in future? I very much doubt some 'pirating' will 'get this site shut down'. I guess the admins could shut it down, but I do not know why they would want to do that.

I want to understand you, but I find your posts non-reasonable.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2015, January 2 - 1:56am

As far as I know, MacOS9 still gets online system (software) updates... so we are in very muddy waters indeed if you go by that rationale.

iTunes comes preinstalled as part of the OS, and not a part of iLife (as it once was). The fact that they dropped Safari support is probably due to XCode and Apple trying to force users to update (why they would upgrade due to a Safari update is beyond me).

I don't give a sh*t about anything Apple offers to Windows users, as this is not a Windows site. I would very much care if this site got shut down over pirating "recent" versions of Mac OS X for Intel computers...

10.4.7 Server and 10.5 "might" be OK, but discussing anything more recent than that is courting disaster.

We have only recently agreed posting software here that runs native in Mac OS X 10.1/10.2/10.3 on the Garden.

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by butterburger - 2015, January 2 - 12:40am

iTunes is a software product separate of Mac OS X. iTunes is pre-installed and bundled with Mac OS X, just as games, AppleWorks, and FAXstf might have been bundled in past. A user might accept Mac OS X Apple Software License Agreement, and reject iTunes SLA.

Software Update distributes software titles (mostly Apple software) and updates to software titles (mostly Apple's). Mac OS X and iTunes are two of Apple's software titles. If a Mac user removes or uninstalls iTunes, then Software Update will not offer 'minor' or sub-version updates for iTunes. Then, Software Update will offer a new release of a previously removed software. A newer major version of, iTunes in this case, can be either: an upgrade from older version, or a newly-installed title.

Why Apple presents new iTunes, but not new Safari, to users of Mac OS X Lion? I can tell you, but I am slanted, so consider this false: iTunes rakes in money; Safari does not.

This has nothing to do with anything: Safari, iTunes, QuickTime, and more, were presented to Windows users in Apple Software Update.

This has nothing to do with anything: Microsoft Windows Update and Apple Software Update both distribute drivers. If a new HP Printer Driver is added to Microsoft Update Catalog or Apple Software Update catalog, for an end-of-life operating system, then that does not mean 'developer of old OS still supports old OS'.

Clear as crystal?

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by themacmeister - 2014, December 31 - 12:33pm


thanks for the clarification. Probably a decent reason to keep Snow Leopard available.

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by macjames - 2014, December 30 - 7:12am

I think everyone has their own opinion on what's abandonware. In the case of OS X, in my eyes, if the OS can get updates via "Software Update", can't be called abandonware. Fresh installations from Tiger and up get their updates just fine.

And a note about Lion: It is still getting the current iTunes version. A couple of days before christmas, those with Final Cut installed got the proapps codecs update 2.0. Apple could just deny such update to Lion users, but didn't. Even if it is not getting new security updates can't see it as completely dropped.

Just to clarify what we call "Classic Mode" is the ability to run OS 9 under OSX, Classic was dropped with Leopard. What was dropped with Lion is the ability to run PPC applications on intel machines. Snow Leopard with the aid of Rosetta is the last OS that can run PPC applications.

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by themacmeister - 2014, December 30 - 2:42am

My introduction to Hackintosh was using 10.4 ->

I can foresee issues for this website if we link to any OS above 10.5, although there is good reason to make 10.6 available for Classic Mode (I thought it was Classic that was dropped in 10.7 and Rosetta dropped in 10.6?). My memory is pretty hazy tho.

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by Troyd - 2014, December 29 - 11:05pm

Retail versions for Tiger were all PPC only except for one Server edition, 10.4.7, which was Universal Binary. All Intel releases were bundled with the computer they were sold with and were machine specific. All Leopard releases, whether retail or machine specific, were Universal Binary.

Lion is still sold by Apple so can hardly be regarded as Abandonware, especially as it last received an update as recently as September this year.

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by Kitchen2010 - 2014, December 29 - 5:24pm

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Tiger and Leopard retail CDs/DVD include the Intel binaries in the install? If that is the case, then these are already covered in another thread. They are not abandonware either.

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger had different Install DVDs for PPC and Intel, Mac OS X 10.4 Server came with Universal Install DVD for Intel/PPC. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard came as a Universal Install DVD.

Apple do not support any OS older that is more than 3 generations behind the current OS (support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion was dropped this year with release of Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite). So it became abandonware in my eyes. Moreover, they give the current Mac OS X away for free (since Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks).
So it is fair to have these abandoned OS somewhere for everybody who wants his old Macintosh still around and wants to use it for something useful.

The creator of this entry wanted to list the information of the Intel Mac OS X for future reference. I think links would be OK up to Mac OS X 10.6 (last Mac OS X with Rosetta for running PPC applications).

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by themacmeister - 2014, December 29 - 11:24am

There are a LOT of macintosh computers that cannot run anything higher than Lion (32bit EFI). To say Snow Leopard and Lion are already abandoned is ridiculous in the extreme. I know two people in my town who are happily using 10.6.8 on their MacBook Pro's. They cannot actually go higher due to no graphic card support in 10.8/10.9/10.10.

As far as I know, Apple have not made ANY operating system abandonware, and are staunchly against the idea. I know they are fervently trying to get people to update to Macericks/Yosemite due to a high percentage being reticent to do so. This does not diminish the fact that Snow Leopard and Lion are still very much sold and supported by Apple.

If any of these OS you mentioned ran on PPC, that would be a different matter.

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Tiger and Leopard retail CDs/DVD include the Intel binaries in the install? If that is the case, then these are already covered in another thread. They are not abandonware either.

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by butterburger - 2014, December 28 - 8:14pm

I would have started with Tiger and Leopard, if I had any discs to checksum. What do you see as the problem? Other software pages in here, point to vendor/developer/publisher sites to purchase. Mountain Lion will be abandonware next year. Snow Leopard and Lion already are abandoned: new copies are sold only as base from which to upgrade to current latest OS; use of Lion and earlier is not any more supported than Leopard and earlier (which already are found in Macintosh Garden). This page will help us to detect 'data rot'. Our work is software preservation.

This page has nothing whatsoever to do with piracy.

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by themacmeister - 2014, December 28 - 12:21am

This gives me a bad feeling. Software this modern on what is essentially an abandonware site, just doesn't sit right with me. You know that Apple is going to pull those links down at their leisure, when not enough people have upgraded to 10.11, which then requires more mirrors (Amazon/eBay), and before you know it, people are posting links to Torrents or DropBox.

This is just too close to piracy for comfort. The simple fact that you supplied links to their Purchase page on Apple, confirms that these are still supported and sold by Apple.

This thread deserves to be on an OS X related website, just not sure if this is the correct site.