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Mac OS 9.2.2 for PowerMac G4 MDD

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os9general.dmg (352.92 MB)
MD5: 36d9c1beb319e98acfa775260e7c3edb
For Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Guides on emulating older applications

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This is a copy of Mac OS 9.2.2 for the PowerMac G4 MDD. The linked file is an OS X disk image named "OS9General.dmg" which was contained on the Software Restore CDs bundled with these systems. It includes "Applications (Mac OS 9)" and "System Folder". Unlike retail Mac OS 9 installers, this software is able to boot the PowerMac G4 MDD (FireWire 400 models) into OS 9 or can be used as Classic Mode on any PowerMac running Mac OS X v10.1-10.4. This System includes the Mac OS ROM file v9.6.1.

To use this software to boot an MDD in OS 9, use Disk Utility in Mac OS X (10.1-10.4) to format a hard drive in "Mac OS Extended" format, and be sure to choose the option to include Mac OS 9 Drivers. Once formatted mount the .dmg file and copy the System and Applications folders from the disk image to the hard drive. Restart your MDD via the Startup System Pref Pane or with the Option key held down, and select your Mac OS 9 drive as the Startup Disk.

For more info see my Vintage Mac Museum Blog: Reinstalling Mac OS 9 on a PowerMac G4 MDD

Architecture: PPC PPC (Carbonized)

Boots PowerMac G4 MDD (FireWire 400 models only); should also work for other Mac OS 9 compatible G3 or G4 Mac models. Usable as Classic Mode for all PowerPC Macs running Mac OS X.


roto31's picture
by roto31 - 2020, October 1 - 3:12pm

Many thanks to the person who uploaded this version of MacOS 9.2.2 ! This even had the setup assistant at first boot which is something I've never used before and looks quite similar to the early versions of the Mac OS X setup screen. The last time I used Mac OS 9 on a G4 was with my Sawtooth in 2002/2003 just before I updated to Panther on both it and my G3 iMac.
Currenty on the hunt fr the great classic games now Smile

dontdissthegeek's picture
by dontdissthegeek - 2017, January 29 - 11:05pm

Amazing find! Downloaded the image and restored it to the partition I had made for OS 9 and rebooted to the OS 9 partition and worked like a charm. Even had the setup assistant at first boot!

OS923's picture
by OS923 - 2015, October 27 - 4:45pm

I use this on my G4 MDD 1.25 DP FW400. Then I tried the following CD: This has ROM 10.1.1. It has an installer. It can boot from the HD, but not from the CD.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2014, October 14 - 10:07am

Dang, I just got totally fooled by "CountDown G5" for running MacOS9 on G5 Macs... 1st April, 2004.

Should have been more vigilant Sad

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2014, October 14 - 9:50am

I doubt this trick would work on my G5 PowerMac 7,3?

I have just converted mine to a dual-boot Tiger/Leopard, so I can run Classic applications...

Native would be fantastic, but this is minimum 10.3 Sad

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2014, October 5 - 12:46am

i have finally got my hands on all 4 of the mdd restore cds..
am i correct to think that these cds require a working osx installation to restore to another partition?

i think i remember reading that the cd is not bootable?

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2014, September 29 - 4:33pm


NicePics13's picture
by NicePics13 - 2014, September 16 - 8:08pm

I'm currently triple booting Tiger, OS9 and MorphOS on my FW800.. well, it was a FW800.
By downgrading the firmware to that of the FW400 you can boot OS9!
Everything is still the same - the FireWire 800 ports still work in OS X, seen as half speed in OS9. And the Apple Hardware Test gets confused and won't run the full diagnostic anymore..
(guide at middle of page 2)

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2014, August 29 - 5:05am

This computer is dual boot G4 1.25 MDD 2003 is last computer to boot in directly in os 9.2.2 and run classic environment in mac os x 10.4.11. The MDD with firewire 800 can boot in os 9.2.2 but only in classic environment.
Same with G5 computer you can run os 9.2.2 in classic environment only with mac os x 10.4.11.
G4 1.25 DP MDD can boot in directly in os 9.2.2 and run classic environment in mac os x 10.4.11.

Fraxin's picture
by Fraxin - 2014, August 28 - 8:19pm

This might not have been pointed out before, but for those of you trying this for the first time, the installation instructions from Oakbog are very precise. When writing this OS to a hard drive, it MUST be formatted to Mac OS Extended and NOT to Mac OS Extended (Journalled), otherwise it will not boot.

oakbog's picture
by oakbog - 2014, August 9 - 8:49pm

I'm not sure you can boot from a CD made from these files - it might work, but that wasn't the intent. These folders were meant to be copied by the Apple Installer application running under Mac OS X when restoring Classic mode on an MDD.

If you don't have OS X on the G4 tower you should be able to copy these files to any ATA hard disk formatted with Mac OS 9 drivers via another Mac. Then install the disk in an MDD and restart as above.

MacTron's picture
by MacTron - 2014, February 22 - 1:01pm

" is not a CD/DVD to burn and then install from..."
There isn't any problem into burn this .dmg into a CD and forget the Os X thing forever.
Once burned the CD use it as a boot CD and/or a drag install.

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2014, February 19 - 3:22am

hey there.. so months later here i am responding again on this page;) hehehe i just wanted to add some text to communicate simply + clearly to any noobs out there.. (everyone was a noob at some point! LOL) how and what to do with this file..

simply.. to use this file.. u must already have an install of osx on the target machine.. panther or tiger or leopard... then... u need to have more then one partition or drive... u need to have the disk image file on the same partition as the osx (or another partition as long as its not the target partition/disk) then u run disk utility and restore this disk image to the new partition/drive.. effectively its a HARD DRIVE BACKUP for RESTORING... it is not a dmg software installer.. it is not a CD/DVD to burn and then install from... as i had thought when i first came to this page..
I hope this helps someone.. cheers;)

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2013, September 19 - 9:23am

If it's the original OS9General.dmg I uploaded years ago, it's the OS9 System and Software from an MDD. I beliebe that I answered how to use it in another thread, but I'll explain briefly here again.

This is an OSX disk image of OS9 OS and Software.
You do not burn any CD or DVD, lock it and mount it while booted into OSX on the Mac you wish to use it on.
Drag all the files from the mounted disk image to the root level on your hard disk.
Of course, make sure that your hard disk has OS9 drivers installed.

To check if you have Mac OS 9 drivers installed - I believe that your Mac OS X is v10.5.8 from memory - run Disk Utility. Select the Disk - not the formatted volume. The select "Get Info" from the File menu. It'll be one of the properties in the box that comes up.

If OS 9 drivers are not installed, and reformatting the disk is an option available to you, do it.
If reformatting is not an option, I'm sure that you can do it from the OS X Terminal, diskutil or hfs.util is the program, I've done it before, but I'd have to look it up and test it. We'll cross that bridge if we have to.

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 19 - 7:52am

although i really appreciate the time its taken to post this.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us what this is? is it a cd image? or a dvd? do i need to burn it onto cd? or dvd? im trying to burn it to a cd and its saying that its a 1.76gb HFS image. how does it become 1.76gb when its only 352 mb or so..... this is REALLY ANNOYING. ive been stuck on this for a number of days.. please communicate clearly what it is .. how to use it.. etc when ur posting something like this..

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2013, January 23 - 6:47pm

I'm going to have to say No.

It won't boot OS9. I did read many years ago that someone said it was possible, but they offered no more info other than that bold statement.

The PMG4 FW800 had Bluetooth support, one FW800 port and used AirPort Extreme instead of AirPort. None of these would be supported by OS9. I suspect that because the eMac (ATI Graphics) booted OS9 (released 5 months after the MDD FW800) and had some similar features like AirPort Extreme - which didn't work on the eMac while in OS9 - some believed that OS9 from this eMac could boot the MDD FW800. I don't believe it to be true.

princetown's picture
by princetown - 2013, January 23 - 1:59pm

is it possible to install 9.2.2 only on a firewire 800 mirror door,and not osx?any input greatly appreciated

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2012, June 27 - 10:38am

Just confirm which model MDD you have by typing out the config found at the back near the power socket.

Next, I suspect that the hard disk installed may be configured as a "Slave" drive. Not sure, but my MDD might have been fussy about that, needs to be "Cable Select". Which Mac OS X did you install ? The Mac OSX 10.2 that came on the CDs ? If you can boot up from that, the the OS9.2.2 you get should also be bootable.

Are there any processor upgrades to the MDD ? Or a USB v2 PCI card ? Or any PCI cards ? Which graphics card does it have ? Is it the stock ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 64MB ? Or has it been upgraded to the Radeon 9200 ? or 9600 ?

mahrmut's picture
by mahrmut - 2012, June 26 - 11:55pm

I am experiencing all kinds of weirdness attempting to get 9.2.2 onto my boss' MDD. Using my CD-R copy of the four restore disks, I was able to go through the installer motions intended, with a report of success, as well as use the terminal to locate the hidden OS 9 folder and copy the system folder over. No matter what I do, the machine will not start up from the system folder it sees within the startup disk Control Panel. And after I do attempt to start up from that OS9 system folder, it's no longer even able to see the system 10 folder until I select it using an OSX install disk to select the OSX folder on the internal hard drive. I am able to start up from an OS9 system folder on another computer in target disk mode, but it quickly freezes. It seems that at some point I was able to put the hard drive from an old iMac into the MDD and start up in 9.2.2 just fine from it, but I attempted to do so again just now and it can't see anything from any start up disk control panel. I'm pulling out what little hair I have left.

oakbog's picture
by oakbog - 2012, June 9 - 3:10pm

This version of OS 9 for MDD is hard to find and frequently sought. If anyone would like to mirror this file at other hosting sites for redundancy please post the link in the comments and I'll add the info to the description above.

j_damage•69's picture
by j_damage•69 - 2012, June 5 - 10:09am

Ive found that too, and its where ive been running most my old mac games off. Its amazing how many work under classic mode, like doom for example. Its soo choppy on other machines that use classic mode.. And you can force quit at anytime if theres a problem. Podracer is da bomb!

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2012, June 5 - 9:38am

Excellent work.

I would like to endorse yourrecommendation about using this MDD OS9 as the OS9 for Classic Mode. I've used my MDD OS9 System Folder (once updated with the 6 or so updates that became available for it - Authoring Support 1.1.9, QuickTime, iTunes, etc, etc, run Software Update to get the definitive list, it's been so long since I did it.
Anyway, I've used it for Classic and found more games work in Classic than if I use the "Classic" OS9 folder that comes with OSX 10.3 or OSX 10.4. Some on this site have found that too, Star Wars Episode 1 Pod Racer was one of those games.
Pod Racer used to run fast on an iMac G3 233MHz, faster still on a dual 533MHz G4, insanely fast on my dual 1GHz MDD, but now it also runs in Classic on my dual 2.5GHz G5 - you really do need Jedi reflexes to play it well.