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Mac OS 9.2.1 International English (Z691-3334-A)

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Z691-3334-AMac_OS_v9.2.1_Featuring_Sherlock_2.iso_.bz2 (411.17 MB)
MD5: 276e9108bca36c330351ce984c3b7cc9
For Mac OS 9
This app works with: QEMU

Here's a dump of the retail copy of Mac OS 9.2.1 - but for a change it's the International English version Smile

Compressed with bzip2, expand from the finder in OSX - then burn or do whatever with it!

If you're looking for the U.S. English version instead, it can be found here.

Architecture: PPC

I believe this will work fine with any mac that can run 9.2.x, and that originally shipped with 9.1 or earlier.
If the mac came with 9.2.x (probably 9.2.2), it's likely to be a so-called 'machine specific' build, and this may not work.

This runs fine in QEMU (screenshot was taken this way)