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Mac Identifier

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MD5: 819cf969b5217be7b058be546b1ae7eb
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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MD5: ef96d2311e8b9f2af3b538ed7194c0df
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

Mac Identifier is a System Control Panel that puts back the model name and icon identification lost in the "About This Computer" ("About This Macintosh" under Mac OS 7.5) window under Mac OS versions 7.5 and later. It also brings back the model name to the flagship naming service on AppleTalk networks, allowing network administrators to know which Macintosh is which on their network.

Excerpt: adapted from included documentation.

Mac Identifier also changes the Gestalt ID of one Macintosh to another Macintosh model of your choosing. This can be useful in situations for example, where you want to install certain software (such as a System Software installer) which may not have an installer that will allow an installation to go ahead because it detects an incorrect Macintosh model. Mac Identifier fools that installer into thinking the Macintosh you are running is the correct model and the installation proceeds. Or, maybe you're simply tired of the two model options that SheepShaver offers. Knock yourself out. YMMV.

Mac Identifier 3.0.2 is still available for DL (as a $5 shareware), from the author's Flux Software page. Although it is unlikely to be purchasable as it uses the defunct Kagi as the payment vendor and the Flux Software page was last updated in 2002. The Flux page carries other classic Macintosh utility software that may or may not be found here at the MG, which you may like to investigate.

See Also: Wish I were... v2.0

Architecture: 68k

68k encoded. Runs fine on both 68k and PPC Macintosh.

In some instances, I found v2.2 to be the better choice (more stable), but can't recall off-hand why, as it's been a while since I've needed to install this software. Try both, see how they fare.

For systems 7.5 to 9.2.2


SuperZeldaBros's picture
by SuperZeldaBros - 2021, March 3 - 4:57pm

To register this, depending on which version, hold option, or command+option, or some combination of modifier keys and click where it says unregistered. Enjoy!

lilliputian's picture
by lilliputian - 2020, July 14 - 4:58am

The product registration urls on the Flux Software homepage are for Kagi, which of course is no more. Sad