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Logic Express 8

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Logic_Express_8.0.dmg (6.39 GB)
MD5: e8ade23a265672b4204f506b145f082b
For Mac OS X
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LogicExpress8.0.2Update.dmg (73.65 MB)
MD5: a83d30f5c9b52f350479ef3f465a7b57
For Mac OS X
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Logic_Express_Demo_Content.dmg (3.00 GB)
MD5: 01268f394ff6b55b66b3ec2abb3e01ab
For Mac OS X
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Logic Express 8 delivers the power, precision, and professional toolset of Logic Pro 8— including a redesigned interface that allows musicians to write, record, edit, and mix with unparalleled speed and ease. Logic Express includes all the functionality of Logic Pro 8 except for four high-end professional features—surround, TDM/DAE support, distributed audio processing (DAP), and support for high-end control surfaces.

Logic Express 8 comes with an expanded collection of professional instrument and effect plug-ins from Logic Studio, as well as channel strip settings and plug-in settings that allow you to begin making music immediately with professionally designed sounds. Logic Express is the ideal application for professional musicians and producers who want to get into the world of Logic for $199, as well as GarageBand users who are ready to take their music to the next level.

New in Logic Express 8
Logic Express 8 is a powerful upgrade that incorporates the key functionality of Logic Pro 8, more than 100 instruments and effects from Logic Studio, and new channel strip settings and plug-in settings created for Logic Express.

A World of Options
Logic Express puts a world of creative options at your fingertips, thanks to an open architecture that lets you use a wide range of audio interfaces and many different control surfaces. You can also explore hundreds of third-party Audio Units instruments and effects and incorporate sounds from third-party applications such as Ableton Live and Propellerhead Reason. Logic Express lets you work anywhere at any time, without proprietary hardware. When inspiration strikes, all you need is Logic Express and a Mac to capture your ideas and turn them into music—at home, on the road, or in the studio.

Serial Number: E-326-FJR-479-SWL-437-HSR-506-KHW-T6Y-XWEX

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Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)