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Logic Audio Platinum 4.7.0

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logic-platinum-470-k.sit (5.61 MB)
MD5: c06e3ced0c56120dcfe70a98ac2ab19c
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
500_logic_plugin_presets.sit (192.25 KB)
MD5: d51c3894899b1b02ddd221879576046f
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
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my_tracks.sit (551.72 KB)
MD5: 28bcbde6518a5f6461e800782dc80b64
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
lap470.bin (1.31 MB)
MD5: 6a5412f07200657bd72c87b2784a1c88
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
This app works with: SheepShaver,

The digital audio sequencer market is a potent illustration of the axiom "Competition spurs innovation." The software companies involved are locked in an intense, feature-by-feature battle to produce the dominant product. As users, we're the beneficiaries of this rivalry, and all the major sequencers now give us a dazzling array of MIDI and audio recording and editing options.

MD5 checksum & filename: c06e3ced0c56120dcfe70a98ac2ab19c *logic-platinum-470-k.sit
Virus checked & cleaned using Virex 6.1

The last file contains the 4.7.0 to 4.8.1 updater.

See also: Logic Audio 1.0, Logic Audio Platinum 4.0.4, Logic Audio Platinum 5.0, SoundDiver 3, Logic Express 8, Logic Studio (Logic Pro 8)

Architecture: PPC


Duality's picture
by Duality - 2018, November 5 - 4:48am

Y'know, that 1 GB of RAM limitation makes this sound perfect for a G4 Mac Mini running Mac OS 9.

Seeing as they're capped at exactly a gig of RAM.

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2015, April 9 - 12:39pm

poonka. open a thread here:

poonka's picture
by poonka - 2014, April 27 - 2:38am

one thing i noticed with lap 4.7 compared with 4.8 is that after the upgrade the ES-1 and EXS-24 authorizer didn't work.

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2014, January 13 - 6:41am
from this post i have learned that this problem of audio only playing back in the sample window + not the arrange window (which drove me quite mad you can see from my other comments here on this page LOL!!!!) was totally due to the fact that i had 1.12gb of ram installed in my machine.. if u have exactly 1gb or under, this problem seems to dissappear totally!!! amazing! this software does infact work !!!!!!

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 29 - 9:26am

LOLOL just reinstalled the original 4.7 after trying to get 5.0 working (Which didnt go far, xskey needed) AND 4.7 is working again??? after i trashed my directory and reinstalled completely.. im at a loss for why this is happening.. whether its my computer, human errorof me not grasping some type of setting or something im doing to disable the playng of the audio on the timeline..
if someone could help by trying to use this and seeing if it works for them that would be great.

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 29 - 8:27am

re-update... IT DOESNT WORK DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.. i have no idea why it started to work for me earlier but it doesnt work now trying to load it up again. so my advice is, either help to test if u like to be technical and solve problems, or to test quickly and see if you have any problems... but dont waste too much time with this.. because it doesnt work. Id like to get a copy that works. im intrigued by the cult following that this app has always had, ive always wanted to learn it, i was really happy to think i could use it to produce with, the interface is cool, i like the feel of the UI.. if anyone has a copy of logic 4.x or 5.x for os9 to sell, please let me know!

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 28 - 8:04pm

lol back again with another update.. ITS WORKING NOW?? im not sure if its because i updated to os9.1 from 9.04 or if its because i ran this other logic 5 patcher that everyone thinks is a fake director app. but its playing audio fine now. im able to import wave files + record my own sounds from my yamaha keyboard into the inputs of my sound card.. all seems ok....
could it be that it requires 9.1?

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 28 - 6:33pm

ok i tested it .. and with logic dongle emu 1.3.1 this isnt working properly.. either that or i dont know what the hell im doing with this program.....Laughing out loud but it was working better with the 4.81 update then it is without.. im testing 4.73 and i record me playing notes on my keyboard it sounds fine recording.. but after the take is done, i press play on the transport.. and therse no audio playing.. at all. im afraid this is bugged and non functional for real creative purposes. I hope someone else can attempt to double check my finding here. i would really love for this to work this program has a great feel, its just too bad that its not working properly as far as playing back recorded audio from the main arrange window timeline.

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 28 - 4:26pm

im afraid i have to report that this app isnt working.. ive encountered a problem that if any audio file is imported (such as a wav file or aif etc) the timeline audio will no longer play from the main timeline being played.. but you can still doubleclick a block of audio to open the sample editor window, within which it will play the audio as it really is.. or how it was recorded.. up untill the point when u try to drag a file frm the audio window to the sequencer or import an audio file into your project, it seems to work. Now this may be because of the fact that i updated it to 4.81 and that could be breaking the proper function of the dongle emulator. so i will delete + reinstall from the original 4.70 and re-test.. i had upgraded because i had read that rewire isnt properly implemented untill 4.73 but i will test rewire on 4.70 aswell.

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 24 - 2:05pm

if anyones interested i found this online viewable course on logic.. its for v6 but i think alot of it still applies in 4.81 to be honest!

macjames's picture
by macjames - 2013, September 16 - 7:35pm

That whoever it's me, as i promised on your forum topic, and the link works ok from my side. Anyway, good thing you could find the update elsewhere, and to know that the dongle EMU still works with the application updated.

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 16 - 7:03pm

ok whoever has posted this lap470.bin file. it is not able to be clicked and downloaded.. maybe its a problem with this webhost.. but!! i found the file doing a search for the update on my own on some other random website.. anyways.. long story short.. IT WORKS! i have updated to 4.8.1... redirected the dongle emu to the new program file that the updater installs.. and im in 4.8 logic now.. and i have reason open.. and im able to control the timeline of logic with the trasnport controls in reason... (not the other way around) im working on getting the audio to work.. but it seems to be alot healthier in regard to rewire then 4.7.0 was!

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 16 - 12:22pm

hey nicolas theres definately a bit of a learning curve but from what i have read its worth it tol learn ! alot of people who use this software really really love it

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 10 - 12:59pm

any chance anyone has the manual for any version of emagic logic?

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2013, September 10 - 2:04pm

@Nicolas & oldced (and anyone else concerned): If you had downloaded Audio Logic Platinum 4.7.0 from this page on or before 2013/07/23 and had extracted and run this software on a classic Mac OS, its probable that your system has been compromised by the "666" virus a.k.a SevenDust.

My advice is, that you run the classic anti-vir software: Virex 6.1 over your system to eradicate this virus. You need to also use the (included) 2007 defs with Virex 6.1 to successfully identify and clean 666 from your system.

The Audio Logic Platinum 4.7.0 file that was here before the above date was infected with the 666 virus.

It has since been removed and replaced by a cleaned virus-free copy above, 2013/07/23.

oldced's picture
by oldced - 2013, June 15 - 1:04pm

Hello, Logic 4 is fantastic, but this link is dead... Sad
Long live R'n'Roll and Old Mac !!!

Sorry for my poor english

Nicolas Bahamondes's picture
by Nicolas Bahamondes - 2013, June 10 - 1:11am

I tried to use Logic Audio, and I think is very hard to use. I thought it could be easy to use as GarageBand, but I got wrong.

Anyway, it's cool to see this software working in the Macintosh Garden.