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Apple Newton Development Literature

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Guides on emulating older applications

Developer Books from Apple:

Newton Programmer's Guide - For Newton 2.0
This is the original guide Apple published for Newton programmers. This is "the" source of information on what is possible with the Newton OS and how it is done. Heaps of code snippets and a thorough description of everything the 2.x OS allows programmers to do. This volume is a "must have" for anyone who wants to write Newton programs without having to waste time with chasing information.

Newton Programmer's Guide - OS 2.1 Addenum

Newton Programmer's Reference - For Newton 2.0
This is also a "must have" if you want to write Newton programs. It is an exhaustive reference for programming Newtons that run OS 2.0 or later.

The NewtonScript Programming Language
The NewtonScript Programming Language is also good to have nearby whenever you write Newton programs. This book is a detailed reference of NewtonScript, the elegant programming language Newton programs are written in.

The Newton User Interface Guidelines
A book that every programmer should learn by heart. Not only every Newton programmer, but every programmer. In this volume Apple describes on a couple of hundreds of pages how good, fast and intuitive user interfaces are designed. They certainly know what they are talking about, Apple has always been famous for ease-of-use. You won't need this volume if you just want to write a program. If, however, you want to write a program with a user interface that your customers like, this is the book you should have nearby.

User Interface Guidelines for Newton 2.1 Keyboard Enhancements

Books on Newton Development:

Programming for the Newton - Software Development with NewtonScript
This volume describes the NewtonScript development environment and teaches the reader how to write Newton software on the Macintosh. Key features include: hands-on Newton development training with a sample code created specifically for the Newton with NewtonScript; an introduction to the basics of the object-oriented paradigm, to facilitate use of NewtonScript; and the inclusion of a high-density floppy disk containing source codes for all the programming examples in the book. Note that the systems requirement for the software includes, Macintosh with 68020 processor or higher, 8Mb RAM, System 7.0 or later.

Julie McKeehan, Neil Rhodes.
Programming for the Newton: Software Development with Newtonscript.
Boston: AP Professional, 1994.
ISBN 0-12-484800-1
(352 pages, 19.2 MB PDF)

Papers of Newton developer at Apple Walter R. Smith:

Class-based NewtonScript Programming
The Newton Application Architecture
Using a Prototype-Based Language for User Interface - The Newton Project's Experience

Newton Technology Journal

Apple’s Newton-specific technical journal, published six times per year from 1995-1997. The content is 70% development and 30% marketing.

Volume I, Number 1 (PDF; February 1995)
Volume I, Number 2 (PDF; April 1995)
Volume I, Number 3 (PDF; June 1995)
Volume I, Number 4 (PDF; August 1995)
Volume I, Number 5 (PDF; November 1995)
Volume II, Number 1 (PDF; February 1996)
Volume II, Number 2 (PDF; April 1996; translations: Japanese)
Volume II, Number 3 (PDF; June 1996; translations: Japanese)
Volume II, Number 4 (PDF; August 1996)
Volume II, Number 5 (PDF; October 1996)
Volume III, Number 1 (PDF; January 1997)
Volume III, Number 2 (PDF; March 1997)

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