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Cg Compose 2

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LisaCompose.sit (1.89 MB)
MD5: d94dc22805428d65d5a67adb2a915eaf
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Guides on emulating older applications

Disk images are in dc42 and DART format. Works with emulators and Floppy Emu.

From the VintageMicros collection.

Instllation Instructions:

• Startup Lisa with Compose Install Disk 1 diskette.

• Follow installation prompts using installation disks 1 - 3. Do not press the "Erase Disk" button.

• The installation utility will prompt for a Disk 4. There is no "Disk 4". This is asking if you would like to use one of the printer driver installation disks. There will be a prompt to select "Finished" after installation Disk 3. Insert Disk 1 and proceed to finish the instllation.

• Startup Lisa Office System

• Insert Compose Master

• Open the diskette from the desktop

• Duplicate both Cg Compose 2 and CG Compose 2 Papaer then drag these to your Lisa's hard disk

Cg Compose 2 will now be installed.

• Installation Disks 1 - 3
• Cg Compose 2 Master
• EP 308 Driver
• Compugraphic 8400 Driver

Architecture: 68k

Apple Lisa 2