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Lido 7.5.6

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MD5: 9785e23b1b8d788fcf36725f00413740
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This software is still available for purchase
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Free disk utility, supposed to manage everything that's rotating and has a SCSI ID.

Released under the GNU Public License (see 'Purchase' link)

  • What is Lido 7? from original web page (Wayback Machine):
    • Lido is a high-performance disk management utility that offer the ability to format and initialize any disk device on the Apple Macintosh. Lido supports all major brands of SCSI fixed hard disk drives. Removable media disk drives, such as IOMEGA and SyQuest, Magneto Optical Disk, and Floptical mechanisms are supported as well.
  • Flexibility is the Key.
    • Lido 7's flexibility gives the user the benefit of point-and-shoot operation and requires a minimum of user interaction. Whether it's fixed hard disks, removable cartridge disks or Magneto Optical Disks, Lido 7 supports them all, with a simple user interface. A feature list lists the major features of Lido 7.
  • Incredibly Easy to Use.
    • Easy-to-perform installations of new disk drives are accomplished by selecting the target SCSI ID on the intuitive GUI display and then clicking on the Easy Setup button in the window. Lido automatically determines the disk drive type, configures it for optimized use on the Macintosh, formats it and installs the boot and directory information; all with a single click of a button. Lido will even adjust any available disk based cache buffers for optimum system performance.
  • Includes a Removable Media Extension.
    • Lido INIT, a crash proof (pretty bold eh?) system extension is included in the package. Lido INIT will recognize when a cartridge has been inserted into a removable media drive, and will automatically mount the volume onto the desktop if a valid format exists. Lido 7's INIT is so flexible it can mount virtually any Macintosh ready, removable media cartridge from most vendors without conflicts. Since Lido 7 supports DOS FDISK partitions, DOS formatted HD floppy diskettes in Floptical Disk drives and DOS Removable Media cartridges work seamlessly.
  • Medium Certification Routines Included.
    • Medium Certification and defect management is a requirement for all systems using today's large hard disk drives. Lido 7 offers complete medium defect detection and correction support. You can assure yourself of reliable data storage in the years to come.
  • Password Protection for your Partitions.
    • Password Protection in Lido 7 is so complete that unauthorized access is virtually impossible. A specialized partition-level password protection scheme prevents mounting of your sensitive volumes. Many password protection schemes incorporate driver-based protection. Most any mounting utility that uses its own device driver will bypass most password protection setups; not Lido 7. Lido 7 will keep your data safe!
Architecture: 68k

Runs with an iMac G3.

Minimum System Requirements:
Macintosh Plus, System 6.0.4, 1MB RAM Hard Disk Drive, Magneto Optical Disk Drive (optional), Removable Cartridge Disk Drive (optional). Lido 7 supports a broad line of major manufacturer disk drives. Support just about every SCSI-based mechanism available.

Notes: from original web page (Wayback Machine):

I should mention that this software has NOT BEEN TESTED with anything later than System 7.5.3. It may behave strangely if you choose to use it with anything newer than 7.5.3. IF YOU USE THIS PRODUCT with anything newer than System 7.5.3 and it blows your disk to bits or renders your system completely useless, please do not blame us. You have been warned...