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KS Labs Instant Downloads

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Guides on emulating older applications

This CD-ROM is a personal library created especially by KS Labs, Inc. KS Labs has always been at work accelerating Macintosh computers and now speeds your access to shareware and freeware files beyond the fastest modems and other CD-ROM libraries. We were unhappy with other existing CD-ROM libraries and sought to make this collection easier and faster to use. Unlike other CD-ROM libraries, the Instant Downloads collection is arranged much as you would find on your hard disk. We reviewed thousands of files and, just like you would, picked only the best and most useful. This resulting, premiere collection was then categorized and decompressed. That's right decompressed! While other collections have compressed their contents, KS Labs Instant Downloads has decompressed archives whenever possible. Without compression, one can browse through Instant Downloads quickly and easily. You can even use software directly on CD-ROM.

KS Labs has created this over 7,000 file Instant Downloads collection. Any charge for this CD-ROM is solely for the creation of this collection. No fee is charged for providing the shareware and public domain files in this collection.

About KS Labs:

KS Labs, Inc.
Route 10 Box 41A
Marietta, OH 45750

KS Labs is the pioneer maker of clock acceleration kits letting you maximize your Quadra, Performa or Power PC system performance easily. KS Labs 2nd generation slip-on clock acceleration kits fit better and need less insertion force for easier safer installation. No special tools or skills are required. KS Labs, the pioneer in CPU boosters, brings you premium quality and support. Don't settle for a lesser product.

Architecture: 68k PPC