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Kineticon_1.7.1.sit (1.38 MB)
MD5: 94209c7001f31e2a86e4bbafee52e121
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Kineticon selectively replaces icons displayed by your Mac with icon animations. Wherever the Mac OS would normally draw a regular, static icon, Kineticon can replace it with an icon animation. Included with the Kineticon package is an icon animation editor. This editor allows you to create your own animated icons and includes drag and drop support between itself and the Mac OS Finder and 3rd party graphic or icon editors.

Name: a
Code: D14G0G64D5G50G5

Architecture: 68k PPC

You need a Macintosh computer with at least a 68020 processor. Faster processors (such as PowerPCs) are recommended. (Both Power Macs and 68K Macs are supported)

You need to be using System Software version 7.5 or higher

You need at least one monitor (Kineticon works on up to three monitors simultaneously).

Kineticon will only work on monitors set to 256 colors, thousands of colors, or millions of colors. It will NOT work in black and white, 4 colors or 16 colors (or any other mode you can think of). If you're using a screen that Kineticon doesn't like, it will ignore it (there won't be any animation on that screen).


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by Jatoba - 2021, January 17 - 2:27pm

This sounds really cool, like Kaleidoscope. Thanks for sharing!