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MD5: 6375fde35643fddf1be9386dc0b98f06
Guides on emulating older applications

Older version of the freeware application, ImgBurn for Windows. No adware. Just don't update.
Unzip in OS X. Copy to your Windows machine or emulator and install.
MD5 checksum: 6375fde35643fddf1be9386dc0b98f06 *

Q: Why host this Windows only program on a Macintosh website?

A: Because creating mixed mode, hybrid Mac HFS/ISO 9660 and Mac HFS/Audio (BIN/CUE) images from CD/DVD media, is difficult (if not impossible) to achieve without error using current Macintosh software. ImgBurn and similar Windows software such as UltraISO, perform these tasks correctly, simply and effortlessly. Therefore it is a useful tool for us to use when archiving any Macintosh software from CD/DVD media.

See also: "Archiving or Toasting Mac HFS CDs without a Mac CD-Writer".

Note: Version hosted here is the final version of ImgBurn not to include an additional payload of adware delivery in the installer program. Beginning with version, ImgBurn included the tool bar. With the latest version, it included OpenCandy (2013). This has since changed (2016), to now include Fusion Browser Adware - same ImgBurn version, different payload. See "Tip" below, for newer version's workaround.

Architecture: x86 (Windows)

ImgBurn supports Microsoft Windows OS's - 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (including all 64-bit versions).

If you use Wine, it also runs on Linux and other x86-based *nixes.

Works fine with Win98 and Win2000 under VMWare.


mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2016, July 4 - 10:57am

Yeah, but this is an important tool for us to image mixed mode CDs properly. If the Toast crowd would get their act together and do it properly then we would not have to resort to Win for this.

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by xy - 2016, July 4 - 8:57am

Hey, this is a Macintosh website!