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For Mac OS X
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IconBox is an iPhoto like application that helps you store and manage your icons. It allows you to browse through your collection of icons using libraries, preview the icons at any size and export them with the click of a button. IconBox also allows you to search for your favorite icons by name, description and keywords.

Main features

• Organize your icons using libraries.
• Search for specific names, descriptions or keywords.
• Export an icon as .tiff file.
• Import single icons or a complete folder.
• "Deep import" option: Imports several levels of folders until the end has been reached. Comes in very handy as a first import.
• Jump to a specific icon in the finder.
• Preview icons at any size.
• The smart favorites library recognizes all the icons you labeled as "favorite".
• Copy an icon to the clipboard.
• Set an icon as custom icon for another file.
• Set a custom color as background for your library.
• Add keywords and descriptions to your icons.
• A pop-up will bring you straight to all your favorite icons at

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S/N: ICBX-6031-1565

Architecture: PPC


PrincessCake's picture
by PrincessCake - 2020, November 14 - 1:17am

Still works on 10.6.8 Snow Leopard ^.^ it's a cute little app but they overdid it on the heart UI so it feels a little clumsy navigating around. Also because it was released so long ago it doesn't support icons with 512 resolutions :/

And you can't get rid of that big "Want more icons?" box that links to 404's and untrusted connections.