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HyperCard Power: Techniques and Scripts

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For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This app works with: Mini vMac Mini vMac II

An intro level tome for new HyperCard users written by Carol Kaehler, the author of the HyperCard Help Stack. Featuring a forward by Bill Atkinson, this book is packed with anecdotes around the Macintosh project in the Mac Plus years, MacPaint, and the early development of WildCard/HyperCard.

HyperCard™ is Apple® Computer, Inc.'s, revolutionary new Macintosh™ program that organizes and molds information. As a member of Apple's HyperCard development team, Carol Kaehler brings an insider's experience to HyperCard Power: Techniques and Scripts, revealing hints, tips, and tricks for customizing HyperCard to take advantage of its amazing power and flexibility. The book goes far beyond an introduction to HyperCard's features to teach you the skills needed to create your own custom HyperCard applications. In an informal style it provides simple, practical, hands-on lessons in every chapter.

The first part of HyperCard Power: Techniques and Scripts focuses on using HyperCard, including how to browse and customize "stacks," the ordered collections of cards that constitute a HyperCard database. The second part teaches you how to become a HyperCard author by building and designing new stacks. You will learn everything you need to know about writing "scripts" in the HyperTalk language; how to create them, how to use them, and how to plug in and customize preexisting scripts. HyperCard Power: Techniques and Scripts is jam-packed with useful tips and tricks, and it includes complete, usable scripts for merging stacks, adding a new card, generating bar codes, creating automatic indexes, creating a pictorial index, and much more. It also includes step-by-step tutorials to show you how to:

Useful appendices include HyperCard windows and HyperTalk commands, and an index summarizes all of the hints contained in the book.

Architecture: 68k

Written for HyperCard 1.2.x and its stacks.

These stacks can be converted to the System 7+ and PowerPC friendly HyperCard 2.x with ease.


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by Idéfix - 2019, January 8 - 2:41pm

As a complement, other books about HyperCard:

Danny Goodman's HyperCard Developers Guide (1988)

HyperCard User's Guide (1987)

The Complete HyperCard Handbook, 2nd edition (1988)

The Waite Group's HyperTalk Bible (1989)

There are also nearly 3500 stacks available at the Internet Archive as examples and ressources: