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HyperCard 2.4

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HyperCard_2.4b9.sit (1.58 MB)
MD5: 2ae1e0e9bd9ccf01d08a8a4cb7cc3497
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
HyperCard_2.4b16.smi_.sit (1.62 MB)
MD5: 5c10a12c3b25035df711e7e2a2a6140c
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
HyperCard_Updater_2.4.1.smi_.sit (5.05 MB)
MD5: 7a5df9cdde58e72fafa00ffd0d3bbde2
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
HyperCard241.img_.sit (28.67 MB)
MD5: c68d4fcf2eaa86269aedac0f70615314
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9

The final retail release of HyperCard, with the 2.4.1 patch for large HFS+ disk support.

Runs all HyperCard 2.x content on any 68k Mac running Macintosh System 6 or later. QuickTime is supported when available.

Runs great on PowerPC Macs, as long as the HyperCard stack's XCMDs are PowerPC friendly.

Can convert a subset of HyperCard 1.x stacks to HyperCard 2 format, provided they don't use much HyperTalk or rely on early XCMDs like the embedded VideoWorks II player.

In terms of new features, HyperCard 2.4 is a very incremental upgrade, introducing support for QuickTime 3.0 (including real-time scripting of QuickTime effects and playback), support for QuickTime VR scenes, and the capability to script connections to URLs via Internet Config.

It does introduce some nice patches to address the platinum UI introduced with Mac OS 8 and HFS+, so this might as well be the HyperCard you use for your Power Mac.

The 1st download is HyperCard 2.4b9.
The 2nd download is HyperCard 2.4b16.
The 3rd download is HyperCard Updater 2.4.1.
The 4th download is HyperCard 2.4.1.

See also: HyperCard 1.0.1, HyperCard Z1-1.2.2 (Australian), HyperCard DK-1.2.2 (Danish), HyperCard 1.2.5, HyperCard C1-2.0v2 (French), HyperCard 2.1b13 (Beta), HyperCard 2.1, HyperCard 2.2, HyperCard 2.3 + Addmotion II

Architecture: 68k PPC


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by IIGS_User - 2019, November 11 - 5:49pm Stacks:

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by Kitchen2010 - 2015, August 27 - 8:46am

I have added HyperCard 2.4 from MacsRUS's archive.

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by papa - 2014, May 30 - 12:43am

This works fine on my Power Mac G4 Cube running OS J1-9.2.2 (or OS X with Classic). Thank you! Smile

For posterity, here is a HyperCard survival guide, courtesy of MikeTomTom in response to a question about "The Manhole":

With most Macintosh programs the keyboard command to Quit a running program,
is "Command + Q".

With HyperCard, additional keyboard commands you might like to try, can be:
"Command + H" = Return to the Home Stack
"Command + R" = Show recent cards you've visited (and go to any one of them)
"Command + M" = Show Message window (type one line commands and execute them)

Depending on the current stack you are in, a stack's programmer may have scripted these commands to not execute. "Command + Q" should always work.

Go to last card of the Home Stack, set your user level to 5 (with a full version of HyperCard only, not the Player [exception]) and set Blind Typing to True.

Level 5 in HyperCard allows you to program stacks using HyperTalk and Blind Typing allows you to execute single line commands without evoking the Message Window. For example: A single line command such as "show menubar" (without quote marks) and then Enter or Return key to execute, may be useful in menu-less situations. Again, a stack's programmer may have scripted certain commands & even Blind Typing to not execute.

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by nathanpc - 2010, January 3 - 12:12am

It's the best language for Macintosh development!

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by Balrog - 2009, October 27 - 1:10am

This includes LiveCard, PDF manuals (I have paper manuals from 2.2; these are from 2.4); and Acrobat Reader 3, as well as HyperCard.

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2009, October 26 - 7:40pm

An immense effort to put this up. But my HC v2.4.1 is only 11.1MB uncompressed, 5.6MB in Stuffit. Is there something exra in this ? The HC2.4.1 update.smi I have is 5.1MB.

Krankle823's picture
by Krankle823 - 2009, October 26 - 6:10pm

Me too wants to say thank you for posting this and to all the people who seed the file. I was looking for it for a long time!!! ... And of course, my thanks goes also to Bill Atkinson for creating such a wanderful tool.

Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous - 2009, May 13 - 4:22am

Oh my gosh! When I got my ( disfunctional ) SE/30, it came with a HyperCard disk. BROKEN. The SE/30's drives were BOTH DEAD. Now on my SE SuperDrive, I can finally resurrect it! THANK YOU!


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by Anonymous - 2009, May 11 - 11:24pm

to whoever put this up I thank you, I have been looking for this for a long time!!!