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Hippo Computer Almanac

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hippocomputeralmanac.sit (182.97 KB)
MD5: 3873c468ae370f41d5edc98e8c16aff0
For System 1 - 5
This app works with: Mini vMac

This app is a cautionary example of becoming too enamoured with the promise of technology. To access one of its 35,000 facts, you had to insert the disk, wait for it to boot, and laboriously type in a question (while following inconsistently enforced rules of capitalization.) Meanwhile, to access any of over a million facts in the 1985 World Almanac, you had only to pick it up and flip to the right page — with dozens of related facts only an eye-flick away. Worse, Hippo's open-ended ask-me-a-question system gives the impression that it knows a lot more than it does, leading quickly to frustration.

The New York Times published an entertaining review, two years after the product was released, when their computer columnist dug the disk out of his couch cushions. (The implied punchline: at the library, he'll discover that the almanac spelled Stavisky wrong.)

Version: 1.1

Architecture: 68k