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Gravis Utilities

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For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

Gravis Utilities is a collection of software that is required for use with the original "Gravis Mousestick", as well as the "Gravis SuperMouse". It consists primarily of the Gravis cdev (control panel), aka Gravis GMPU, used for interfacing with the "Gravis Mousestick Processing Unit", a separate hardware component used as an intermediary between the Gravis Mousestick (or the Gravis SuperMouse) and a Macintosh. Indeed, without the GMPU plugged into a Mac's ADB port, the Gravis control panel will not launch.

Although a default startup "Set" can be delineated via the Gravis GMPU control panel, technically any set is only kept in the GMPU's memory while it remains powered. New sets can be created or installed ("downloaded", using their terminology) using the Set Maker utility, which resembles Font/DA Mover in functionality. Indeed, sets are shown with suitcase icons, like those of fonts and older desk accessories.

Early GMPUs have liquid-crystal displays, while later ones do not (though they retain their opening for one). Additionally, the button selector wheels on the side of the Mousestick can have either 3 or 4 positions, depending on when it was manufactured.

The Gravis Mousestick was later superseded by the Gravis Mac MouseStick II, with its own unique Control Panel, and no GMPU required.

(v2.1.4, "release M3")

Architecture: 68k

For System 6.0.4, and 7.0 "and greater". (Mixed success with System 7.1.2 so far.) Should also work with A/UX 2.0 and greater. Hard disk recommended. Any Macintosh with an ADB port. (Was there ever a 9-pin version?)