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MD5: c1c8af7df0867f7c047c859e79cd8c10
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This app works with: Mini vMac

"GraphicWorks is based on the same revolutionary technology as the best-selling comic book tool ComicWorks. Therefore, the programs share the same features and user interface; the enclosed template libraries differ." --description from the box

Also coming up is ComicWorks by Mike Saenz who did [the MacPaint-drawn comic book] Shatter. Let me tell you, that is going to be one of the hottest things and here's why. You strip away the bug-eyed monsters and rocket ships that Mike has so carefully drawn there and it's one of the best programs for quickly mixing graphics and text that I've ever seen. It allows word processing in captions and balloons. It's ideal for storyboards. This industry is really so funny. Here we have this marvelous program. Now if he called it Business ComicWorks then it would be respectable. [laughter]
- Media critic Anthony Reveaux, at MacWorld Expo '86

It didn't take long for that joke to turn into a business plan, resulting in what one team member called "basically the same tool, without Mike’s artwork or comic book slant." Sadly, it too failed to dent the market and was soon abandoned.

Version: 1.1

Architecture: 68k


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by MCP - 2012, May 2 - 1:11pm

I'd like to upload my new archive to the site, but it's refusing to allow it. Not enough room, apparently.

UPDATE: New archive has now been uploaded.