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GraphicConverter 5.x

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gc562x.dmg (13.39 MB)
MD5: a236ae3ba6993415386d4d90c9ce0461
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
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gc595x.dmg (10.69 MB)
MD5: 120af0dd79003f361950f6d4fd6a05e8
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
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GC_595classic.sit (10.31 MB)
MD5: 60068f65fc20dd820d12031a2708bdc4
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
gc595UB.dmg (17.63 MB)
MD5: 7f0ae73a737cc9f86f221ca133de661d
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
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The Swiss-Army Knife of Swiss-Army Knives.

  1. file, version 5.6.2 is a favorite because it performs faster than a lot of lower and higher GC versions, and it runs onPPC OS X 10.1 through 10.5.8 while it's being a high enough version of GC all around.
  2. file, v5.9.5 (PPC) is the highest of 5.x series gc.
  3. file, specially made Classic OS compatible v5.9.5 - note: their also exists a higher v6.5 for Classic Mac OS.
  4. file, this v5.9.5 is UB for PPC and Intel.

GraphicConverter v5.6.1 is found on the Macworld magazine cover disc "Total Tiger DVD" burned June-July 2005.

The author/publisher Thorsten Lemke has provided a purchase serial free of charge, big thanks!
Name> GraphicConverter User

Other different versions available here: Version 1.x, Version 2.x, Version 3.x, Version 4.x, Version 6.5 Classic

Big thanks!

Old versions of GraphicConverter are available free of charge from the original publisher, Lemke Software GmbH
  • Version 5.9.5 Classic / 5.9.5 X / 5.9.5UB
  • Version 6.7.9UB

Thorsten Lemke — BIG thanks!

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

OS X 10.1 and higher.
or Special edition v5.9.5 for Classic OS.
only the dL #4 can do Intel Mac (Universal Binary version).