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FutureBASIC 1.x

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For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
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For System 6.x - Mac OS 9

Here is an early chapter in the long history of FutureBASIC, which succeeded ZBasic.


See also: FutureBASIC II

Architecture: 68k


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by IIsi 50MHz - 2021, April 8 - 9:44pm

System Requirements ("Getting Started", p.5):
- Any Macintosh with Mac Plus or newer ROMs and 750k free memory (more for larger programs; defaults to 2000k)
- hard drive (~500k minimum; ~5.5 "full" install; addition size for Super Bundle not mentioned)
- Minimum: System 6.05 with Finder 6.1.
- Works with Finder, MultiFinder, and System 7.

After ZBASIC, Zedcor went on to publish FutureBASIC 1, from some or all of the same development team, including Andrew Gariepy and Chris "Staz" Stasny. The ''Getting Started" manual says "FutureBASIC will run old ZBASIC programs with little or no change." (p.13).

In January 1995, the FutureBASIC Super Bundle could be purchased for $79.95 USD. It came with:
-- two program discs and two bundle discs (all discs copyright 1993)
-- a coupon for 50% off the $39.95 cover price of Sentient Fruit's "Learning FutureBASIC: Macintosh BASIC Power" by L. Frank Turovich (and a postage-paid return envelope)
-- FutureBasic: Getting Started (51 pages, copyright 1991-1994)
-- Programming the Macintosh With FutureBasic (155 pages, copyright 1994)
-- FutureBasic: Handbook (434 pages, copyright 1992-1994)
-- FutureBasic: Reference (527 pages, copyright 1992-1994)

Of the four included books, the first three were by Michael Gariepy and the Reference was by L. Frank Turovich. All four copyright Zedcor, Inc.

2021-04-08 The Sentient Fruit book is available from VintageApple, which has many other programming books, other early Mac books, and old Mac magazines:

FutureBASIC II through FB4 were developed and published by Staz Software, until Hurricane Katrina caused serious damage to their location in Diamondhead, Mississippi. Volunteers create a translator to convert the sourcecode of programs writting in FutureBASIC to C. Staz Software announced 2008-01-01 the freeware release of FB4.