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Freedom of Press Light 3.0.5

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MD5: 1c875776fb87948e0c7930d0563f187b
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
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Freedom of Press is a PostScript interpreter. It allows PostScript printing to non-PostScript printers. This is the Light version. I do not know what extra functions the full version has.

Run the included application called FP Spooler, select LaserWriter in the Chooser and then FP Spooler as the "printer". FP Spooler acts like a Print Monitor by receiving and storing PostScript documents generated when you print from an application. When you're ready to print, open up the Freedom of Press application which then interprets and renders any PostScript files in FP Spooler before sending the output to your non-PostScript printer. Both Freedom of Press and FP Spooler can be run as startup applications.

Included are Disk Copy 4.2 images of the three install disks, compressed with MacZip (use this to uncompress). Disk 1 is for Macs with a floating point unit (FPU) and Disk 2 is for non-FPU.

Architecture: 68k

Requires at least Mac OS 6.0.3 through to Mac OS 7


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by mrdav - 2011, December 30 - 8:40am

I can't recall if I used it under SSW 7 as well as 6 in the past. However, before I uploaded, I checked that it installs OK on SSW 7 and everything seems fine in that I can print to FP Spooler and can select the items in it via the FOP application. The key thing that I cannot check is whether it actually prints properly under SSW 7 as I no longer have a non-Postscript printer.

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by themacmeister - 2011, December 30 - 7:00am

I used to use this all the time (at a map bureau), which had an A1 Canon, non-postscript copier/printer. It worked well, but required heaps of memory, and would usually crash badly if it did not have the memory. I have never heard of the 'lite' version before. We were printing direct, with the full version, the lite version may be limited in page size/resolution.

I am almost certain that this will not work under Mac OS 7.x->

There are alternatives like Adobe PressReady, which only works with a selected few HP and Epson Stylus Color printers,

or simply use Transverter Pro

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