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Fontographer 4.7.3

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Fontographer-473-Mac.dmg (19.12 MB)
MD5: 72e3d80d9d4dbe8fe4244b67472657ba
For Mac OS X
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   Apart from being OS X-native, Fontographer 4.7.3 has no additional new features since its last major release. Fortunately, the transition to OS X—the company's main objective with this new version—hasn't introduced any new problems other than FontLab's annoying reassignment of the Redo key combination from Command-Y to Shift-Command-Z.

   Users of the classic Fontographer 4 should find version 4.7.3 as bug-free and stable as ever. FontLab plans to extend Fontographer's capabilities over the next year by blending its code with FontLab's more advanced font editor, [FontLab] Studio 5. The goal is to preserve Fontographer's much-loved interface while avoiding Studio 5's unfamiliar interface, steep learning curve, and un-Mac-like quirkiness.
   - excerpt adapted from Macworld.

Long after a planned Altsys/Macromedia Fontographer 5 update had been put on hold indefinitely, in May 2005, FontLab Ltd. announced that they had licensed distribution rights for Fontographer from Macromedia.

In the wake of Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia, FontLab had further plans to continue development. Their first release was Fontographer version 4.7, a straightforward Carbon port of the classic font creator and editor for PPC Mac OS X.

The DL does not contain the original installer. It requires personalisation & serial (included in DL).
The PDF user manual is included in with the archive and also as a convenience, with the Manual DL, above.

MD5 checksum & filename: 72e3d80d9d4dbe8fe4244b67472657ba *Fontographer-473-Mac.dmg

See also: Fontographer 3.x, Fontographer 4.1.4, Fontographer 4.1.5, FreeHand GS 7

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

This is a Carbon app, but will not run on Classic Macintosh OS 9.x or earlier.