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Fontographer 3.x

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For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: Mini vMac Mini vMac II

   The year was 1985 and two engineers (Jim Von Ehr, now at, and Kevin Crowder) at Texas Instruments in Dallas formed a company named Altsys and shipped a bitmap font editor called FONTastic. The Apple Macintosh had started the DTP revolution and fonts were a central part of it. FONTastic enabled users to create a Mac bitmap font in any size and even printed well enough to the Apple ImageWriter dot matrix printers.

   At the same time in Silicon Valley, two companies were collaborating on an earth-shaking new printer that would catapult DTP and chime the death knell for the old typesetters. The product was released in January 1986 with the Mac II and was known as the LaserWriter. At its heart was an Adobe PostScript interpreter (that’s true PostScript, not an emulator) with 13 PostScript fonts embedded in the motherboard.

   Back in Texas, users began reporting to Altsys that their bitmap fonts were OK on the LaserWriter at 4x the point size (create a 48pt font to print 12 pt text), but they look terrible in comparison to the resident fonts. So, Jim and Kevin began work on Fontographer which shipped in the fall of 1986. It was the very first PostScript drawing program for a personal computer. With it, the type world changed forever. It was followed quickly by Adobe Illustrator and Aldus FreeHand as DTPers saw the potential for using vectors for something besides fonts.

   - excerpt adapted from Jimmy Gallagher's Fontographer Blog.

According to MacUser, Fontographer 3 was "a major upgrade of the preeminent font generator." Key features included automatic generation of hints for PostScript fonts and auto-tracing of scanned imagery. The software was listed at $495, or $70 to upgrade.

Version: 3.2

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