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Finale 2000

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For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver,

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Finale is the flagship program of a series of proprietary scorewriters created by MakeMusic for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Finale is regarded as one of the industry standards for notation software.
MakeMusic also offers several less expensive versions of Finale, with subsets of the main program's features. These include SongWriter and PrintMusic, as well as a freeware program, Finale Notepad, which allows only rudimentary editing. Discontinued versions include Finale Guitar, Notepad Plus, Allegro, and the free Finale Reader.

The default "Untitled" document is a 31-measure piece for a single treble clef instrument. A Setup Wizard, an alternative method of starting a project, consists of a sequence of dialogs allowing the user to specify the instrumentation, time signature, key signature, pick-up measure, title and composer, as well as certain aspects of score and page layout. Finale's current default music notation font is Maestro.

Finale's tools are organized into multiple hierarchically organized palettes, and the corresponding tool must be selected to add or edit any particular class of score element, (e.g., the Smart Shape tool to generate and edit trill lines and dynamics "hairpins" (so-named because the symbols resemble women's hairpins); the Staff tool to add and edit the parameters of individual staves). Alongside these tools, additional controls are available to view or hide up to four superimposed layers of music that can be entered onto any particular staff, for purposes of organizing multiple contrapuntal voices on the same staff. Several of Finale's tools provide an associated menu just to the left of the Help menu, available only when that particular tool is selected. Thus, the operation of Finale bears at least some surface similarities to Adobe Photoshop.
On the screen, Finale provides the ability to color code several elements of the score as a visual aid; on the print-out all score elements are black (unless color print-out is explicitly chosen). With the corresponding tool selected, fine adjustment of each set of objects in a score are possible either by clicking and dragging or by entering measurements in a dialog box. A more generalized selection tool is also available to select large measure regions for editing key and time signatures, or transposing, among others. This tool also provides the ability to reposition several classes of score object directly, and more recent versions of the software have implemented extensive contexual menuing via this tool.

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by Anti - 2013, March 24 - 1:20pm

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