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Final Cut Express HD 3.5

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Final_Cut_Express_HD.dmg (406.00 MB)
MD5: 4dc34d3952aaaa319aa85698ba49e0e6
For Mac OS X
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Apple_Loops_for_Soundtrack.dmg (3.30 GB)
MD5: f13416e262d919b54e018fc5fbf5b044
For Mac OS X
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LiveType_Media_1.dmg (6.51 GB)
MD5: 8dd0c5046c3443a22fafec6c1ed64b87
For Mac OS X
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LiveType_Media_2.dmg (1.94 GB)
MD5: 5c7c9e0cd626705636fa3c46a43b987a
For Mac OS X
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FCE_HD_DVD_Tutorial.dmg (543.50 MB)
MD5: 0607178ce9723a698d089b9045fcb768
For Mac OS X
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Final Cut Express HD 3.5 provides a complete set of advanced editing tools for DV and HDV video formats with support for multiple video layers, real-time special effects and transitions, and powerful color correction and matting filters for professional-looking results. New Dynamic RT enables users to view even multi-layered HDV video in real-time which dramatically speeds up the editing process by eliminating the need to render and re-render clips. In addition, all effects, transitions and motion parameters can now be keyframed, providing complete creative control over special effects that can be saved as favorites for use in other projects.

Complementing Final Cut Express HD 3.5 is a new version of Soundtrack with over 4,000 professional-quality, royalty-free instrument loops and sound effects that can be mixed and matched to instantly create a custom score precisely timed to each project. New features in Soundtrack 1.5 include improved multitrack audio editing and recording tools with tracks, busses, outputs and real-time effects processing just like a professional recording studio. Improved single and multiple take recording provides a way to record, audition and edit dialog or other recorded performances with expert precision.

Also included in Final Cut Express HD 3.5 is a new version of LiveType that lets users add high-impact excitement to movies with dynamic animated text and hundreds of royalty-free backgrounds and animated textures—all customizable to match the look and feel of projects. New features in LiveType 2.1 include a host of exciting new animated graphics, including 70 new animated objects, 15 new textures and 60 new customizable preset effects for animated text and titles. With new vector-based LiveFont technology, animated text styles like Tremor, Script, Ribbon, Cool and Blueprint can be scaled to any resolution including HD with blazing rendering performance, especially on the new generation of Intel-based Macs.

Soundtrack 1.5 and the LiveType content can be safely installed alongside Final Cut Express 4.

Serial Number: D-343-LPL-184-XQO-288-MYP-170-QXH-UGN

See also: Final Cut Pro 1.2.5, Final Cut Pro 2.0, Final Cut Pro 3.0, Final Cut Express 1.0.1 (DE), Final Cut Studio 2 (Final Cut Pro 6), Shake, Final Cut Express 4

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Final Cut Express HD 3.5, LiveType 2, and Soundtrack 1.5 are all Universal applications, optimized for Macs with Intel Core Duo processors.