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Film Student's FilmBusiness Software for Education and Practice

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Guerilla_Filmmaking_for_OS9_Garden.iso (31.95 MB)
MD5: 91f9c22221bb424d3d8e6b28ff69f3cd
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
This software is still available for purchase
Guides on emulating older applications

Film Student's FilmBusiness Software for Education and Practice
Several installers of old versions that only run on OS9
The OSX versions are $700 each, so only Professionals need buy them and use them for working in the industry.
However, the OS9 versions were donated to me by a Producer in Hollywood. These are legitimate licenses. He gave me the dongles but I didn't need them to install this software.

His goal was to save me the money and to give me the time to explore the complexity of this software at my own pace. Celtx has a free version now in OSX so this isn't really that big of a deal anymore. But I thought that this is still the INDUSTRY STANDARD SOFTWARE. And so any Student who might like to study and gain knowledge and experience practicing with software where a DEMO will simply not give you the license or time needed to really even dig into the basics. Many who use this software told me that many students should CHOSE ONE or the OTHER …BUDGETING if you are a PRODUCER or want to be a LINE PRODUCER or SCHEDULING if you are a DIRECTOR or want to be an ASSISTANT AD.
I hope this helps others as much as it has helped me to learn this process the correct way.

I named it Guerrilla simply because it is low budget materials here but it is by all means not meant to replace the working standards of the newest versions many of which have 100's of more options and MACROS that make the jobs even easier than these versions can offer.

But to EDUCATE the next generation. That is the goal.

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