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Fat Free

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MD5: 3fe13fbba3db23711c86b7938f3ad028
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 8 - 8.1

This tiny utility application, is intended for 680x0 Mac users. It removes the PPC Data Fork of a FAT program's file, removing the PowerPC code & saving disk space (about 40% of the size of the fat application file). It removes the unused (& unrequired) PPC code from FAT Macintosh programs, if your FAT program is intended for use only on 68k Macintosh computers.

MD5sum & filename: 3fe13fbba3db23711c86b7938f3ad028 *fat-free-122.sit

I've found a use for this software where it wasn't intended to be used. - On PPC SheepShaver.

On SheepShaver, certain PPC native apps will not run (likely because of the lack of a native PPC MMU in SheepShaver). I have found that if there is a native 68k equivalent of the problematic PPC application, there is a good chance that the 68k equivalent will work OK on SheepShaver.

For example: Macromedia FreeHand 7, this version of FreeHand installs as a FAT binary. It also crashes SheepShaver badly and will not run well - if at all. I used Fat Free to remove its PPC code and now FreeHand 7 runs stable on my SheepShaver install - as a 68k app. - OK, it's no longer a PPC app, but to me, this is preferable to not being able to run at all. YMMV.


See Also: Resource Remover, Yank

Architecture: 68k

SSW 7.0 - 9.x - a native 68k app, runs fine on PPC.

Very basic operation:
Simply locate your program to "unfat" & click OK. It's fast & takes about 2 seconds for a large program to become PPC code free.
There's no user feedback for when its done "unfatting" an application - so don't wait around for "Fat Free" to tell you it's finished. Count to "5" and you'll probably be safe Wink

Any Mac running SSW 7.0 or higher, with 16 KB free on Hard Disk and 50 KB of RAM to run. It won't run under Systems prior to SSW 7.0 - Increase the memory allocation for Fat Free if it fails with a "Not enough memory available" type error.

Only use this program on a copy of the application you intend to use for PPC data fork removal.