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For System 1 - 5
This app works with: Mini vMac

For those accustomed to the friendlier environment of MS-DOS, the Mac desktop was a forbidding, cryptic place.

Clinging to the top of the screen, a so-called "menu bar" loomed inescapably over the user's every move. Along the right-hand side, a sinister parade of "icons" led down to a metal garbage can. A roving black arrowhead might glide over a "window," strike a box in its upper-left corner, and instantly cause the entire window to vanish.

If there's one saving grace to this dead end in software design, it's that it gave the developers of Microsoft's next OS a checklist of things to do as differently as possible.

But what of the poor souls stuck with their Macs, tediously lassoing batches of files in dotted rectangles, wishing they could simply type each filename in turn? Would they never again know the serenity of a directory list scrolling irreversibly upward, now that "scroll bars" inflicted the choice paralysis of being able to jump to any point of the list at any time? Would no one rid them of this troublesome concept called "folders"?

Enter Tardis Software. (Slogan: "Because there is always a better way.")

The finder is the master disk-file program that does most of the work for the Mac. I hate it. Indeed, I don't know anyone who actually likes it. Atkinson and Capps didn't even seem too happy with it. Anyway Mike Lehman has written a new one called Fast Finder [...] More when I learn more; but assuming it works as well as I expect it to, Lehman's Fast Finder looks like the best software improvement I've ever seen for the Macintosh.
- Jerry Pournelle, Byte, March 1985

If you're tired of clicking, miss MS-DOS, and love to type, this is for you.
- The Complete Macintosh Sourcebook

Ribbing aside, this shell replacement did reportedly lend a significant speed boost when used on the hard drives of its day, and did grant power users features like file comparison and batch processing. But not for nothing did a net.micro.mac user call it "easily the least 'Macish' program on the Mac."

Version: 1.6


Copy II Mac's Backup List notes the existence of a version 2.5. If you have a copy, please upload it.


Architecture: 68k