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Farallon EN Installer 2.2.1 Ethernet Card Drivers and Utilities

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I found this archived on a disk and wanted to share it here. It seems to be a sort of universal installer for Farallon ethernet and networking adapters. Dates of the files range from 1990 through 1995.

The installer includes options for AppleTalk v58.1.4 for System 6 and System 7. It also includes EtherTalk 2.5.6 and various AppleTalk files for ethernet networking. It appears to also have EtherTalk and EN Driver files for Macintosh cards, PowerBooks, EN PC Cards, adapters, the Macintosh SE, and more.

These drivers may already be part of another collection, but hopefully these are useful!

The Read Me file contains the following text:

Farallon EN Installer 2.2.1 Disk

The Farallon EN Installer disk contains installation utilities and diagnostic tools for Fast EtherTX-10/100 NuBus, EtherWave, EtherMac, and EtherThin products.

To install a driver for a Farallon Macintosh Ethernet card or adapter, open the "For Macintosh Cards/Adapters" folder and run the Installer application. Be sure to turn off all virus protection programs before running the Installer.

The "For Macintosh Cards/Adapters" folder also contains the Farallon EN Diagnostics utility. This utility runs hardware diagnostics and reports SNMP statistics on an installed card or adapter. If diagnostic tests are not available for your card or adapter, the Test button in the Farallon EN Diagnostics dialog box will be gray.

The "Utilities" folder contains Farallon's CheckNet utility, which may be used as a tool for troubleshooting network problems. The "Utilities" folder also contains a folder called "For IIfx/Quadra 9xx" that has the Serial Switch control panel. The Serial Switch should be set to "compatible" when running Farallon adapters with the Macintosh IIfx and Quadra 900 and 950.

The "For Adapters Only" folder contains the Adapter Setup utility. This utility may be used to select or change an adapter's zone when the adapter is running in LocalTalk mode (without the Farallon driver). When running an adapter in Ethernet mode (with the Farallon driver), the zone may be set using the Network Control Panel.


CAUTION for using the Adapter Setup utility with PowerMacintosh and Macintosh Quadra/Centris AV computers

CAUTION: When running the Adapter Setup utility, you may get a message asking if you want to upgrade the adapter’s firmware. If you are running Adapter Setup on a PowerMacintosh or a Macintosh Quadra/Centris AV, press the cancel button. This will take you to the main Adapter Setup window where you can check the firmware version. If the firmware version is earlier than 2.2, do not attempt to upgrade the firmware from that Macintosh. You must connect the Adapter to another computer (not a PowerMacintosh or AV Macintosh) to upgrade the firmware. If you do not have another computer, call Farallon Computing Technical Support at (510) 814-5000.

Installing EtherWave and EtherMac PowerBook PC Cards

It is recommended, but not required, that you install Farallon PC Cards in the lower PC Card slot of your PowerBook.

Using crossover cables with Fast EtherTX-10/100 Cards

Using a crossover cable to form a two-node Ethernet connection is not supported with Fast EtherTX-100/100 Cards.

Architecture: 68k PPC