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Fall '93 Macintosh Promo CD

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93promo.iso (40.29 MB)
MD5: ef7b7fb38c331db22d7376dc8f9d4bef
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

Promotional CD distributed by Apple bundled with some AppleCD 300 and 300i drives, with software licensed from Wordstar and Microlytics.

Infodesk- The Random House Desk Encyclopedia

American Heritage Dictionary Version 3.0


Correct Grammar 3.0

Architecture: 68k

System 6.0.7 or System 7
B/W or Color
CD-ROM drive


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by Dookie Boot - 2016, March 8 - 9:56pm

No problem, thanks! And your screenshots were great, please reup them.

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by 24bit - 2016, March 8 - 9:09pm

Argh, yeah must have been my fault.
I reverted the page to the state you made it and add some screenshots later - unless you´d like to do that yourself?

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by Dookie Boot - 2016, March 8 - 8:21pm

You're welcome, but it looks like you deleted the download image!

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by 24bit - 2016, March 8 - 1:46pm

Thanks for sharing this Dookie, must be quite rare meanwhile. I got a bunch of CDs too bundled with my CD300, but not this one.
If you should find the time, please add a picture of the CD - scan or photography.

Resumé does not like my SheepShaver setup, but runs with BasiliskII and MiniVMacII.
The others are running with SheepShaver just fine.