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Eyes3 v1.1

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eyes3_1.1.sit (40.76 KB)
MD5: 6bb419e81036ceb4881a8cb47e40e68d
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver,

Eyes³ (pronounced “eyes cubed”) is an eyes program that works in the third dimension. Thanks to Apple’s QuickDraw™ 3D technology, the eyes that Eyes³ displays in its windows are real eye balls that rotate in 3D space. Colors and lighting can be customized. In addition, you can set the mouse’s simulated distance from the eyes. You can also specify a dominant eye, so that both eyes follow the dominant eye’s rotation.

Eyes³ is a module in a suite of three-dimensional applications collectively called Cubicle. Cubicle is a set of fully three-dimensional, interactive desk accessories. Another already-released module is Clock³, a three-dimensional clock program. Watch out for additional QuickDraw™ 3D-savvy Cubicle programs from this developer.

Excerpt: from enclosed "Read Me" doc

This doesn't appear to be one of those programs that puts eyes in the menu-bar, which then follows mouse cursor to indicate the cursor position on the screen.

Rather (as far as I can tell), it requires the user to enter "Command + N" to invoke a small window with the eyeballs showing the location of the cursor. You can type this key combination as many times (memory permitting) to produce a spanning series of eyeball windows...

Limitations of this is that the Eyes³ program needs to be front-most in the Finder to invoke the eyeballs. At least this is all I could discern in the limited test period I allowed myself. — YMMV.

Architecture: PPC


vintagegeek's picture
by vintagegeek - 2013, July 3 - 4:45pm

I retrieved the eyes-10.hqx but it was just a file of 10 pictures of peoples eyes. However, I did a little more exploring on that site and found MyEye v2.5 which works in Sheepsaver Mac OS9 nicely. Now I have the eyes in the menubar following my cursor...for what its worth. I'll upload the file here.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2013, July 3 - 8:39am

Try the following:

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2013, July 3 - 3:47am

oops, there should be an earlier build somewhere on the interwebs...?

vintagegeek's picture
by vintagegeek - 2013, July 3 - 2:22am

I tried this item in mini vMac OS 6.08 and 7.01 and it wouldn't work. Message Says in requires a PowerPC and QuickDraw.