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Emulator Enhancer

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ee-10.sit (374.95 KB)
MD5: a326e7deea597917735ee6458dc3494f
For Mac OS X
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ee-101.sit (375.92 KB)
MD5: 034bbf869a22a6abadaf49958477e89e
For Mac OS X
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ee-11.sit (377.13 KB)
MD5: 1a4cad5181366af7fd1d14f987ba685c
For Mac OS X
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ee-12.sit (396.81 KB)
MD5: 99162c835a8c751f0d9e6991f2c77d71
For Mac OS X
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ee-13.dmg (558.25 KB)
MD5: 9a3764e116e084ecae4d1e9ba91aad51
For Mac OS X
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ee-14.dmg (584.66 KB)
MD5: 22533dad3290fef42e2d8ef3da074a89
For Mac OS X
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ee-121.sit (397.88 KB)
MD5: 0c420a9844c9c8a0dc8bbf5de0038ef9
For Mac OS X
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ee-122.dmg (554.66 KB)
MD5: 9fafcefadecbec67025f1fbf7a4e8f38
For Mac OS X
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ee-123.dmg (561.42 KB)
MD5: 07a0c9ad6a006bb54d3945dcaa6e5dbd
For Mac OS X
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ee-131.dmg (579.28 KB)
MD5: 0877970acee4233c1894e6026852756e
For Mac OS X
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ee-141.dmg (573.82 KB)
MD5: 3fadf7bd9181a5ff3538cb339d58910c
For Mac OS X
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ee-142.dmg (572.77 KB)
MD5: 2960297be1cafef133324274d0359acb
For Mac OS X
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ee-15.dmg (510.72 KB)
MD5: a6492241db32dad2d117bf55e1eb04b1
For Mac OS X
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ee-151.dmg (510.30 KB)
MD5: da561fb7a6197a845e6a7e71d9660067
For Mac OS X
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ee-152.dmg (513.58 KB)
MD5: e6eded06d3d67842845d8f22184bcee0
For Mac OS X
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ee-153.dmg (511.90 KB)
MD5: e189b783d95e97a9984612586108b2c5
For Mac OS X
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ee-154.dmg (371.34 KB)
MD5: 5e363b645afdd36a64446b4f524c94f6
For Mac OS X
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ee-160.dmg (374.21 KB)
MD5: 0b9ff832b83bae69ed04fcd0800dae6e
For Mac OS X
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ee-165.dmg (437.42 KB)
MD5: c77d32a9e4a272bed31ae21671bd07af
For Mac OS X
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ee-20.dmg (702.26 KB)
MD5: dd9d239782ef6b6347dc32cf4e1c25fb
For Mac OS X
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ee-21.dmg (696.78 KB)
MD5: ac738c2f113948b55e75a8bfbdde76b0
For Mac OS X
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ee-211.dmg (693.80 KB)
MD5: cd3bcce584366f3ead6bc52020600fd1
For Mac OS X
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ee-22.dmg (686.24 KB)
MD5: c30be7c4e35c0c29cea8ab0b522611ca
For Mac OS X
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ee-221.dmg (680.69 KB)
MD5: 1e84fe6baa8da591cca70b3d9e986106
For Mac OS X
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ee-222.dmg (680.00 KB)
MD5: cbb549a2d88ea07f7580c959a43c5a5e
For Mac OS X
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ee-223.dmg (680.78 KB)
MD5: e16dcd9f559d538f0ca77ffdc62300de
For Mac OS X
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ee-23.dmg (678.97 KB)
MD5: e65f5443e55e56082125aa93acbab460
For Mac OS X
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ee-240.dmg (751.40 KB)
MD5: 3b5a962df73cd3d46a239df0c8dbe857
For Mac OS X
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ee-232.dmg (746.88 KB)
MD5: dd63a66a120414b267ae65aa27b98fa0
For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Emulator Enhancer is a plugin which adds additional features to many popular emulators (Bannister's emulators) for Mac OS X. The primary features are the ability to have fullscreen display and ability to use USB game controllers. Around 25 emulators in total are supported here; a full list of them is available at

Installation (for experienced users)

The Emulator Enhancer folder (containing "Emulator Enhancer.bundle") should be placed intact in /Library/Application Support or ~/Library/Application Support.

Installation (for beginners)

In recent months, I have been deluged by users who find the above instruction too complicated. For the benefit of these people, here are step by step instructions:

- Open your Hard Disk.
- Open the Library folder.
- Open the Application Support folder.
- Copy the Emulator Enhancer folder (included alongside this document) into that folder.
- If you double click on the Emulator Enhancer folder the only file within should be "Emulator Enhancer.bundle".

If these instructions are too difficult to follow, then I am unlikely to be able to help you out despite my best efforts. I would encourage you to ask somebody you know to perform the installation for you. Sorry!

Testing your installation

To test if Emulator Enhancer is working, quit any emulator that had been running. Relaunch/Go to the About Box in a supported emulator. You should see the words "Emulator name (with Emulator Enhancer)".


Emulator Enhancer is not free. If you decide to keep it, then please register. This can be done immediately and online by going to Preferences and Registration. For your convenience a reminder dialog will open every time you use Emulator Enhancer in its unregistered state.

Emulator Enhancer registered users may request a complimentary serial number for Blitter Library for use with older emulators.


If you have previously registered Emulator Enhancer and need to re-enter your code, then you can do so by choosing the "Reinstall" option presented when Emulator Enhancer loads. Please note that your serial number will be verified online as part of this process; an active internet connection is required for this to work.

Emulator Enhancer 2.x requires a different serial number to previous releases. Those who registered a previous version will have been sent details on upgrading by e-mail. If you have not received this information from me then please get in touch, including your existing order number and e-mail address.

Joystick support

Emulator Enhancer enables the use of USB joysticks and gamepads in most supported emulators. However, the pads will not just work; rather, you need to configure them first.

To do this, please go to Preferences->Joysticks. Click on each button in turn; click the Set button; then press the appropriate button on your controller.

Network Play

As of v1.5, Emulator Enhancer supports Network Play in certain emulators. This feature should be considered preliminary on old versions. To start a network game, open the same ROM on both machines, and choose Host Network Game on one side with Join Network Game on the other. There are a number of different settings for latency. The lower setting you use, the more responsive the emulators will be, but the higher the probability that they will stall if the network traffic is congested.

Due to the latency issues involved, this is not recommended (or supported) for Internet Play. It can be made to work, but generally only using Very High Latency and even then only if the ping time between players is quite low.

EE OSX PPC 1.0.1
EE OSX PPC 1.2.1
EE OSX PPC 1.2.2
EE OSX PPC 1.2.3
EE OSX PPC 1.3.1
EE OSX PPC 1.4.1
EE OSX PPC 1.4.2
EE OSX PPC 1.5.0
EE OSX PPC 1.5.1
EE OSX PPC 1.5.2
EE OSX PPC 1.5.3
EE OSX PPC 1.5.4
EE OSX PPC 1.6.0
EE OSX PPC 1.6.5
EE OSX Universal 2.0.0
EE OSX Universal 2.1.0
EE OSX Universal 2.1.1
EE OSX Universal 2.2.0
EE OSX Universal 2.2.1
EE OSX Universal 2.2.2
EE OSX Universal 2.2.3
EE OSX Universal 2.3.0
EE OSX Universal 2.3.2
EE OSX Universal 2.4.0 is not in RFB's archive.

All uploads are Emulator Enhancer from Richard Bannister Archive for mac.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

For use with emulators made by Richard Bannister.
PPC and Universal