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Edmark TouchWindow

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The TouchWindow was a transparent panel that fit over a display, converting it into a touchscreen. This is version 2.1.1 of its driver disk.

Make computing easier and a lot more fun! The TouchWindow provides a simple, low-cost way to achieve touch access—one of the most direct and natural ways for children to interact with the computer.

This portable touchscreen takes advantage of children's natural desire to reach out and touch what they see on the computer screen. They make selections, move objects, pull down menus and draw graphics, all with the touch of a finger!

The TouchWindow is ideal for students who have trouble manipulating the mouse. It is especially effective with preschoolers and early learners, and is also recommended for students with developmental or physical disabilities.


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Nicolas Bahamondes's picture
by Nicolas Bahamondes - 2016, September 20 - 11:54am

Butterburger, do not underestimate your own words, because I believe that Edmark was great for its time, too. Edmark left a milestone in how edutainmental software should be created, hence the significative icons, intuitively gripping interfaces and funny secrets in each game.

IONA did another great work translating Edmark's portfolio and making it gain respect worldwide as the best company for interactive learning.

With respect to the MG community, I think software for kids is pure s**t nowadays. Imagine if Edmark were one of the most requested publishers in the App Store or Google Play... All this thing of mobile computing makes me lose the sanity.

Hail to the Edmark!

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2015, November 21 - 8:14am

Thank you butterburger. A very Interesting addition.

butterburger's picture
by butterburger - 2015, November 21 - 6:45am

I think, this software is important to preserve. TouchWindow was rather uncommon, released not long before Edmark disappeared. Edmark is not as important to the human world as, for instance, professional sports stadiums with jumbo screens, Motorola RAZR, and VMWare, but it is important to me. Of my childhood time spent using personal computers, a large portion was playing Edmark games. As an adult I am aware, business is not about being nice, spreading smiles, building smart minds. So for IBM, it was an obvious choice to stop spending Edmark. I think, in a "more-perfect world", Edmark is more valuable than at least half of IBM's current software product families. When most people decide what is important in scope of computer history, they look at money: what companies/creations made riches and displaced others. I value what makes a difference to intelligence and society, not what prints money. I opine, Edmark TouchWindow is a milestone, for it put accessibility in a consumer-retail box. (Accessibility does not only mean wheelchairs. It means, two children can share a PC, think logically together, both work to solve a puzzle in a game, more easily than sharing one mouse or 'dueling' two mice in two directions.)

My words might seem like messy thought spew. I do not expect anybody to share my opinion. I doubt I will ever see or stand in same room as a TouchWindow. I thank you for sharing this. I ask anyone who takes possession of a TouchWindow to cherish it, to not trash it.

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