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DVD Player FS Patch

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MD5: 3514a1b82e79d1c7f0d69316bab54d50
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver,

Have you ever encountered the "Apple DVD Player has stopped because it's having problems reading this disk" error message?

Actually, this error message is not always telling you the truth: It also comes up for just the reason that the DVD is totally error-free but has been mounted by a File System that has not been made by Apple. Such candidates are Adaptec's free UDF Volume Access, DirectCD and Joliet Volume Access.

Now, how can this be solved? There's two ways:

Either you make sure that the DVD is mounted by either Apple's UDF Volume Access or by their ISO 9660 File Access extension. You can accomplish this using the tools UDF FS Switcher and UDF FS Enabler.
However, there are DVD-Videos out there that do not even work with Apple's UDF extension as of this date (for example, Apple's UDF Volume Access 1.5.2 can not properly access the DVD movie "The Matrix", mastered by "PCFriendly" (go figure!).

Or you simply make Apple's DVD Player accept non-Apple File Systems, too. If you like to live on the wild side, then modify Apple's DVD Player with a patch program of mine I created for this task: DVD Player FS Patch. That way, you do not have to bother any more which File System mounted the disc.

Architecture: PPC

Important note for Mac OS 9.1 (and later) users: The Extensions folder of your system folder may now contain more than one file named DVD Navigation Manager: One ending in "NV", another ending in "ATI". This patch program, however, does not deal with this correctly. It will try to patch both, but will save them both under the same name, overwriting one of them. The work-around is to move one or both of them to separate folders. By using the patch program, each file will get one patched new file in their respective folders. Then make sure only one of the patched files remains in your DVD Player or Extensions folder: the one that was made from the original that identifies your graphics card manufacturer (ATI or NVIDIA).
Updated to version 1.3 (27 Nov 99): Does now also take care of the new DVD Player 2.x that comes with the latest Macs (iMac DVD, G4).

Note: This patch does not simply make all your DVDs playable that were refused before! All it does it to allow you to use Adaptec's UDF extension (including DirectCD) instead of Apple's UDF extension - Adaptec's UDF behaves a little bit different from Apple's and may handle certain DVDs better than Apple's.

If you do not use Adaptec's UDF, then there's probably no need to use this patch!

The patch is very safe: It just disables the code which refuses playing the DVD when the disc was not mounted by Apple's UDF or ISO file system. The Patch program does not modify the original files, but creates a copy, which then will be modified. That way, if you're not happy with it any more, simpy delete the patched version of the file and you'll be back to "normal".