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Double Helix

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MD5: fd289d5b85d6cc2e1bc275c9889c70be
For System 7.0 - 7.6
This software is still available for purchase

Double Helix started life as Helix, one of the first databases for the Mac. In 1986, Odesta (it's original publisher) updated it to Double Helix, adding support for custom menus and making stand-alone Helix applications (that needed a run-time client.) Double Helix had a fully graphical scripting environment.

Double Helix also supported a client-server architecture, with a Helix Server that could run on another Mac. (Included in the download disks.)

This download contains the contents of an uninstalled set of DoubleHelix 3.5 floppies. These are not original disk images, but I have tried to recreate the contents of each floppy as they would have been.

Architecture: 68k

Tested under System 7.5.5