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DiskPrint 1.0

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MD5: 603e9d802b7039cd0659bd37340d54ba
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

DiskPrint is a printer driver that allows you to print to disk as a PICT file or as a standalone application that can be transmitted to someone else. The application that is created by DiskPrint will display and print your original document without the original application. It can be used will all applications, all Macs, and all system software versions.

Printer driver is on a DiskCopy 4 disk image (1.44MB) inside a StuffIt 3.5 archive.

Architecture: 68k

The Read Me document says "It can be used with ... all system software versions". I'm not sure how literal that is, but it works with System 6 and later, and may work with earlier System versions.

The standalone applications it creates are 68K only and the same application format as the Read Me document on the disk image.