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MD5: 509334fe12d992d9c22a3ecbc032663c
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This app works with: Mini vMac

DeskCritters is a pair of INIT files (extensions) that add playful animation to a user's desktop: Eyeballs, which adds a pair of eyes to the menubar that follow the user's cursor as it's moved around screen, and BigFoot, which randomly produces a pair of footprints that appear to walk across the desktop.

DeskCritters was widely distributed in its day, and Eyeballs in particular found its way onto many a user's Macintosh.

The ReadMe file ("DeskCritters Doc") is in MacWrite format. While the INITs themselves are dated 1989, "DeskCritters Doc" is dated 1990.

Architecture: 68k

According to "DeskCritters Doc", Eyeballs may experience difficulties if the menubar becomes too full for the eyes to fit. However, this shouldn't produce a crash.

MultiFinder may cause some minor difficulties for both INITs. For Eyeballs, it may produce jitteriness in the animation, while if BigFoot walks across windows belonging to background applications, small screen inaccuracies may occur.

Both Eyeballs and BigFoot should run on any machine that supports INIT files, "System 4.1 and up".