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DesignWorks 4.0.1

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designworks_4.0.1.sit (1.67 MB)
MD5: f170006fbfebeb3423efae19f7930ef7
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver,

DesignWorks is a multi-page, hierarchical schematic capture editor. Work from the top/down, bottom/up, or the middle/out. DesignWorks is not going to limit you. Instead it's going to ease you along your path. Tired of manually cross-referencing page connectors on the schematic? DesignWorks does it for you. Not in a batch process, but interactively. You move a page connector and all cross-references are updated now. Don't like having to worry about port connectors between hierarchy levels? Simple, just double click on a symbol without a sub-circuit and DesignWorks creates a sub-circuit for you with all port connectors correctly positioned.

Need special information in your schematics or need to move that data to other systems? DesignWorks doesn't force you to write programs to glue the pieces of your system together. DesignWorks allows you to associate additional information ( called attributes ) with your schematic. Not just a few kinds or pieces. As many different kinds and pieces as you want. You decide on the attribute names, not us. No need to remember the your special production code is stored in Field7. Instead create a attribute called ProductionCode. In addition feel free to qualify your ProductionCode. Tell us if it's valid in Devices, Signals, Pins, and/or as a overall Design attribute. Don't stop !!! Tell DesignWorks if the attribute is visible by default, should it be displayed grouped with the reference designator, auto-placed, or located at a default location. Go further and say that it has a maximum length, that it should be rotate when the object its associated with is rotated, better yet provide a list of default values to choose from. The choice is yours.

Great, you've associated your own special data with the schematic. Now What? Well, DesignWorks is again the only product you want. You need to extract that data, into a netlist, a custom Bill of Materials, or maybe production just called and they want a list of all the components in some format nobody has every hear of. Custom output is want the DesignWorks Report Generator was made for. It also pays the bills by producing netlists to interface with all the common back-end environments, be they PCB, Spice, or whatever. The Report Generator's trick is that it is script based. The scripts ( called report forms ) indicate what connectivity and attribute data to extract from your design, how to sort it, how to merge it, and finally how to format it for output. To make your life easy, we provide scripts for all the standard systems you may be interfacing with. Web archive of

Mediafire Link
(1.66MB compressed.)

Access: P9DK D7MD M21A M8EM MCHC Password: 222 (What is "password" for? No idea...)

Architecture: PPC

PPC version only. (Yet to find the 68k.)


srichter's picture
by srichter - 2014, July 14 - 4:30pm

Interesting piece of software, but access code above does not work. Any help?

Euryale's picture
by Euryale - 2011, December 12 - 5:54pm

Too bad it´s only for PPC.